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  1. sonia7

    sonia7 Full Member

    i really have been trying to workout more, i playen tennis 4 times in the ast 3 days, but when its raining outside n i cant do outdoor sports-i *shud* be exercising indoors, but i have no motivation at all and in the end i end up not working out thus making my whole fitness routine pointless! I mean work so hard then it rains n i loss my rhythm! SO does anyone have any motivation or tricks to keep on ur fitness routine?? ktnx;)
  2. xsalesjunkiex

    xsalesjunkiex Full Member

    hi sonia7,

    i used to have a tough time with motivating myself to go the to gym... so what i decided to do is write down my goal weight, so i have a purpose for going there.

    on the days where i don\'t feel motivated to go, i actually force myself to go with the think that if i skip out, it\'ll take longer for me to reach my goal!

    i find that just showing up is the hardest part.. once u get to the gym, and get going, it\'s not so bad... there\'s a few times where i did this and i ended up having a good work out B)

    so in short, write down your goals for working out.. it\'s not goood enough to keep it in your head.. i also record everything that i do in the gym... the amount of weight and repititions and i always try to improve each time i go back to the gym, making it more challenging and rewarding cause in the end, i\'m able to lift more and more and get stronger!

    i hope that helps a bit..

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  3. sonia7

    sonia7 Full Member

    oh i like that idea! i dont really have like a weight loss goal cuz i am like normal weight for my height 5 10, i am just trying to tone up a bit for summer lolB)
    the thing is when its hot i got out all the time but the rain depresses me so thats why i never go thru with y plans, but the writing idea souds good, i will give it a try next time thanks ryan!
  4. xsalesjunkiex

    xsalesjunkiex Full Member

    i know the rain can be depressing.. .. it\'s normal for ppl to feel this way.. but regardless of weather, u still gotta do it, cause otherwise, it\'ll take longer to reach your goal :)

    i\'m no expert, but if you\'re trying to tone up, the 2 key things here are:

    1) consistency
    2) diet

    don\'t forget diet!!! that is sooo important ;) i mean u can do all the exercise in the world, but if u go and eat fatty foods afterwards, u won\'t be able to tone up!

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  5. sonia7

    sonia7 Full Member

    erm i think the diet part is ok just the consistency that is sortof lacking but not so much when its nicer out, well i am going to sleep-another good tip lol proper sleep=more energy:p
  6. xsalesjunkiex

    xsalesjunkiex Full Member

    gnite then ;)

    btw, i didn\'t mean to suggest that you eat fatty foods.. i meant \"you\" in the general sense. :)
  7. sonia7

    sonia7 Full Member

    oh no no i was not saying it like that i was trying to be funny lol
  8. Qoo

    Qoo Full Member

    I need motivation too..... I used to have a friend accompany me to go gym before and we will remind each other to go together
  9. overyou

    overyou Full Member

    i need motivation as well...
    my friends are no help tho :p
    i need to find some way to make me go to the gym more.
    whenever the chance to go out with friends or something i do that instead of working out. then i just stop going for a while (N)
  10. ceeeee01

    ceeeee01 Full Member

    lol.. i know this is bad...
    but i sometimes buy a size smaller in jeans so i can motivate myself to fit into them.. and it is so satisfying after u work ur ass off.. and u fit those jeans!!:D
  11. tapthatass

    tapthatass Full Member

    i cant get or find motivation. before i used to do situps with my friend over the phone at night lol and i was able to do 300 (its actually NOT a lot, youll find out when you actually get used to it).

    but then i stopped becuase it got sooooo boring. i can do situps anytime, but i just find it so boring. like when i first started it was sore and stuff in the beginning and id be all tired after finishing it. but then now its harder for me because my stomache is used to situps, so i can never feel that 'tightness' easily and its just boring doing situps even if im watching tv or listening to music :(
  12. Qoo

    Qoo Full Member

    I tried but ends up the style of the clothes is out dated and I have to buy new clothes next season lol still cant be able to fit in rofl hahahaha

  13. shopaholic_goddess

    shopaholic_goddess Full Member

    Join a gym with a couple of friends-or at least that's what i did. I would join them early in the morning and we would all jog together for 20 minutes and go home to take a shower. Then we'd eat salad and go to the gym to swim and have yoga lessons. when you dont feel like going to the gym, stay at home and go on the treadmill while you're watching tv!
  14. j_cloud

    j_cloud Full Member

    Don't join a gym that is close to your house, you would always prefer to stay home in your pjs. Instead, join one close to work or school, working out would seem like a better option than sitting at work or school :whistling:
  15. clary

    clary Full Member

    omg...I TOTALLY do that...although I may not actually go a full size smaller, I usually buy bottoms that are tighter (especially since a lot of pants nowadays DO stretch out)
  16. noose

    noose Full Member

    OMG me too!! I'm like, okay girl if you can't fit in these jeans you don't deserve to wear them.

    Haha, been saying this for about a few months and I am still not wearing new jeans.
  17. moonprism

    moonprism Full Member

    make sure you're exercising in a way thats fun for you b/c if youre thinking "ughhh i have to go to the gym now.." then you wont be so motivated.
    so think of it as a fun activity and try to get excited about the fun time you'll have. lol, sounds lame, but if something is fun you're more likely to do it, right?
  18. noose

    noose Full Member

    ^ agree!

    It can be as easy as putting new music on ipod. That seems to do the trick for me.

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