I NEED Suggestions of love songs to sing for my Boyfriend XD

Discussion in 'Relationships' started by B3B3LYNN, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. B3B3LYNN

    B3B3LYNN New Member

    Hey Everyone,

    Can you pretty puh-lease help me ? Tehe. Well it's almost my boyfriend
    and I 3rd month anniversary and I want to sing him a song in youtube
    or some shiet Lawl. But I 'm not sure what song .. any suggestions ? :blush:

    It would help a lot, thanks :laughing:

    No shit talking in this thread, thanks .
  2. Riko

    Riko Full Member

    Do you play piano? I have 5000+ songs haha and like 10+ piano love song books.

    Anyway, what kind of songs does your bf listen to? asian? opera? rock? soft ones...?

    I like love songs from operas... Like, "Think of Me" from my fav show The Phantom of the Opera...not really a traditional love song haha...but If you can sing that, your bf would be blown away with joyful tears =(

    "Think of me, think of fondly, when we say good-bye"
    "Remember me, once in a while, please promise me you'll try"
  3. dollscene

    dollscene Full Member

    Aww. Even though it's a duet, you could always try singing "Lucky" by Jason Mraz & Colby Caillat. It's the cutest song EVER. =D
  4. *pinkpeachz

    *pinkpeachz Elite Member

    hmm do u want it to be romantic? cute? sexy? hot? meaningful? sensitive? .....

    do u prefer the song to be a classic? n e specific genre: rock, pop, soul, r&b etc?
  5. sphi

    sphi Full Member

    Love that song!

    Try "With You" by Chris Brown or "Yellow" by Coldplay. My ex-boyfriend sung those ones a lot lol.
  6. chabam_baller

    chabam_baller Full Member

    sorry but i don't have anything to suggest :/
  7. ilubebe

    ilubebe Full Member

    You can sing " Nat King Cole Lyrics -L-O-V-E " its a good song :)
  8. xbabysoul

    xbabysoul Full Member

    i choose you - mario
  9. carmenthedancer

    carmenthedancer Full Member

    this one might be really hard to sing, we belong together - mariah carey
  10. kay.tee

    kay.tee Member

    try this song...truly madly deeply by cascada i think its a pretti cute song...but not be the right one..
  11. lillimay

    lillimay Full Member

    Deeper by Alexz Johnson

    I'm a bit of a singer myself and i love this song,,, i did a cover of it with my friends
  12. sw33tsmil3s

    sw33tsmil3s Elite Member

    inconsolable by backstreet boys LOL im addicted to that right now
  13. annasus92

    annasus92 Full Member

    well if it was a duet
    definently Kelly Clarkson and Justin Gaurini's "TIMELESS"

    since its solo

    Mariah Carey "All i want for christmas is you" >_< yeah i know its summer
    Alicia Keys "If I ain't got you" its so goood~~
    or that song that goes
    "baby i love you, and i'll never let you go, but if i have to, boy i think that you should know, all the love we've made will never be ereased, and i promise you that youw ill never be replaced" (just search it on google or something)
  14. xneener

    xneener Moderator Staff Member

    Jason Mraz - Im yours.
    Jack Johnson - Banna Panckes or Better Together.
    ohhh "Truely Madly deeply..." was originally sung by savage garden.


    The carpenters - Close to you
  15. SWOO

    SWOO Full Member

    Case Of You by Sylva Reynard.
    Cutest song ever! <3
  16. underneathHERskin

    underneathHERskin Full Member

    I'm Yours - Jason Mraz or...
    Better Together - Jack Johnson
  17. x143.

    x143. Full Member

    Wonderwall - Oasis
    With You - George f/ J Diggz
    With Love - Hilary Duff
    My Love - Justin Timberlake f/ TI
  18. B3B3LYNN

    B3B3LYNN New Member

    Hmm.. well Im looking for R&b or some
    cute slowjams. :laughing:
  19. thischiq

    thischiq Full Member

    never be replaced by 1st lady ?
  20. sphi

    sphi Full Member

    Hmm, in that case. Maybe "My Boo" by Usher feat. Alicia Keys? Loove it.

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