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    hey guyz need sum help!....anyone here a internet shop maniac??..i was wondering how it when u buy stuff the shipping etc. cuz i bought these shoes from the states and their shipping was $15 but then i had to go to the post office to pick it up and got charged another 37$?..i kno we have different taxes and stuff but how do you kno how much its guna cost you when u actually get it then???....:huh:
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    hi fro! happy new year to you!

    basically, you would pay:

    14% GST + PST
    Shipping & Handling (depends on how big the item is)
    Duty (Canada Customs Fee)

    Now, usually, you\'ll kow the shipping and handling fee ahead of time, because ecommerce sites will tell you the shipping fee when you check out.

    The duty really depends on the value of the item and and where it was made... you can get more details of that from canada customs office :)

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    o ok thanks ryeguy!...well dats wut i meant on the website it said 15$ for their taxes but then at the post office another 37$?..i ordered im guessing its on the weight and location its comin from riteo?!..i went to the canada post site to use that calculating the shipping thing...sooo confusing! arrghh..:pinch: ..hehe
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    hey fro.. i found a really good website that talks about the canada customs duties in detail:

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    I hope that helps!


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