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Discussion in 'Jobs' started by esperance, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. esperance

    esperance Full Member

    Blehgjshfdk, I have an interview at The Bay tomorrow for a Beauty Advisor position and I'm only now getting nervous (which I rarely do). I've had cosmetic retail experience however I'm not prepared for the questions I'm going to be asked (the girl on the phone was eating as she was talking to me, which was so freakin' rude:angry:), and I'm just HOPING it isn't some group interview or some crap.

    Any tips?:sick:
  2. Riko

    Riko Full Member

    I don't think The Bay does group interviews! At least not from my past experience... It'll definitely be one-on-one.

    I am not sure about Beauty Advisors, but I am pretty sure the interviewer will follow their interview guideline, which have a list of behavioral questions for them to ask. And then at the end you need re-fill out the application (-_-;;;)

    Just remember to relax I guess? The Bay is not that intimidating, even for cosmetics/fragrance. Relate your past cosmetics experience in your answers to their questions and you should be just fine.
  3. esperance

    esperance Full Member

    Thank god for one on one! I was thinking that there might be a few behavioural questions about situations with co workers or issues concerning customers, all that fun stuff.:blink:
    thanks a bunch :)
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