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  1. xsalesjunkiex

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    wow.. it seems like all this talk about sushi isn\'t going to end, which is great because i love sushi!!

    a lot of you have made some really good recommendations, so i thought i\'d make some of my own too

    i\'ve eaten at a lot of sushi places.. trust me, more than most of you, and while this may sound racist, i really believe that the best sushi places are sushi places owned or run by japanese people... period.

    (and for the record, i\'m chinese not japanese) :p

    there\'s more attention to preparation, presentation, and most importantly, the quality of ingredients used.....

    so here are some of the best places i\'ve been to:

    Tokachi- truely a gem of a restaurant and probably the best in vancouver in my opinion when it comes to selection and quality of sashimi... pricey and located in a bad part of town (located in a bad part of whalley), this is definitely a place for someone who really appreciates quality and authentic japanese food .. you won\'t find farmed anything here

    Hi Genki- another gem.. located at the Nikkei centre retirement home (yes that\'s right!!), you get a very homely and modest feeling when you walk in.. great service and reasonably priced, they have an excellent selection of set dinners complete with extras such as chawan/mushi and other interesting appies.

    VanYa- family owned, tiny, and modest looking, vanya is located on kingsway (close to joyce) next to royal bank... a good selection of rolls, set dinners, combos, and sashimi.. it is fully licensed so you can drink there too! very inexpensive

    Kura- with beautful japanese decor and a stylish/modern design, Kura has the perfect ambiance for taking a date... it\'s a little more pricey than most places, but not too pricey, and it\'s got your usual selection of sushi, sashimi, udons + a good selection of fish you wouldn\'t normally see... (imported from japan)...located on kingsway in the complex across from earls.

    Anway, these are some of my top choices for sushi places in vancouver :p

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  2. Annabelle

    Annabelle New Member

    Thanks for the review on Kura! I\'ve always wondered if it was good when I passed by it on the way to Bubble World.

    Here are some of my favorite japanese places (all japanese owned of course):

    *Musashi on on denman st is pretty good. Traditional japanese restaurant and they\'ve been around almost forever. Food is fresh and will only serve if it is in season, and very reasonably priced. Their uni appetizer (only $5!! :eek:hmy: ), spicy tuna apptizer and miso ramen is awesome! It\'s right next to kintaro downtown.

    *For more contemporary Japanese food, a Japanese fusion tapas restaurant in Yaletown is superrr good as well, one of my favorite restaurants, Shiru-bay Chopsticks on Hamilton. Please login or register to view links From what I\'ve read this place is the original japanese fusion restaurant in Vancouver (used to be called Raku where Guu with Garlic now is). I think most of the other restaurants ripped off their recipes like ebi chili mayo, the _____ carpaccio, the grilled saba, &etc

    *Kiyo Sushi by Cambie and No. 5 Rd behind Dairy Queen is pretty good as well, and they have more variety of sashimi like abalone, conch, salmon toro, etc. They serve more variety of cooked japanese foods as well like chawanmushi.


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  3. BlusH*

    BlusH* Elite Member

    i like this place called Isami Sushi
    it\'s on kingsway (near metrotown), right across from Staples.
    it\'s all operated by japanese people
    they have really good chopped scallop cone, and spicy beef tataki
  4. Annabelle

    Annabelle New Member

    mmm! I know the place you\'re talking about, my friend\'s dad either owns the place or works there, I forgot which.

    Their tuna gomae is pretty good! I haven\'t tried the spicy beef tataki before, but it sounds really good. :)
  5. kaori

    kaori Full Member

    There is a family owned Japanese Restruant Called Hachibei 16th. The food was great and was inexpensive.

    Hachibei Restaurant
    778 16th Avenue West, Vancouver, BC V5Z 1S7
    1.0 km NW - (604) 879-3357
  6. mlee0816

    mlee0816 New Member

    Where is KURA? Thx
  7. lalala_

    lalala_ Full Member

    Toyo's sushi on w.Broadway is really good, their california rolls are amazing.
  8. jadore_dior

    jadore_dior Full Member

    Kura is on Kingsway in burnaby

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    2-4300 Kingsway, Burnaby, BC V5H 1Z8
    (604) 451-3331
  9. labelwhore

    labelwhore Full Member

    Samurai Sushi owns all. big slabs of fish, great taste.
    Fukuruku express is fantastic! the thing in richmond. =D

    for all u can eat, *cough* ryan pay attention~:p is a good one near landsdowne its tucked inna corner. theres a laundry mat and a coffee shop (it use to be a bread garden). FANTASTIC SCALLOP ROLLS<3 but shit ass service, sometimes

    yeah i kno off topic but...
    DID I MENTION HOT POT (for all u chinese out there~)
    go on, Alexandra (richmondd) and its call "The Chubby Lamb" one kickass place to eat. *drools* big selection and good hardworking waitresses :dance:
  10. j_cloud

    j_cloud Full Member

    Shiro on Cambie and I think around 10th-20th is really yummy, they give you pocky and their toilets are those Japanese ones :laughing:
  11. tiaraa

    tiaraa Mallvibes Member

    Oh there's one called " Hiro Sushi " or something like that opposite London Drugs at Lonsdale, North Vancouver. Authentic sakae too !







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