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  1. fro

    fro Full Member

    hey guyz

    does anyone know where u can get juicy tracksuits..like i kno aritzia has them but they only have like 1 style 2 colours and i dunt think they will order different colurs..?...ive jus started having an obbsession with juicy lol and i want a tracksuit with the writing across the bum part but in different colurs..help n e one? :whistle:
  2. Abraham

    Abraham New Member

    Try Holt Renfrew
  3. jadore_dior

    jadore_dior Full Member

    I also have an obsession with Juicy couture. I own more than 9 pieces.

    You can purchase Juicy Couture at Below the Belt, Aritzia, Holt Renfrew, Men\'s Club, Fab (in Kits), Atomic Model, Hills, I think it\'s called Crush.

    Aritzia doesn\'t have much selection. I like to order it online from Nordstroms becuase it ends up being cheaper. The only thing is i\'m not sure if they ship to canada, you\'ll have to check their website or order by phone.

    Or you can purchase it online at Nordstroms.com, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, and bloomingdales.

    Good Luck!!

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  4. canido

    canido Full Member

    Ooh jadore_dior basically named all the places i was going to say and some more.

    But you can try Plush too, they have a lot of juicy stuff...andthey are having up to 50% off sale at the moment. so go fast. Plush is located in richmond center, and there is another store of the same brancH (although i am not sure if plush is its name too) in Metrotown.

    happy hunting~ tell us what you get. i <3 juicy.

    oh yeah, if you can go to the states...it\'s soo much more cheaper there. and i find that holt renfrew is sometimes over priced.
  5. fro

    fro Full Member

    okay tanks guys

    i live in rmd so ill check out plush never relli did b4! i kno u can buy off the juicy website too?..wud u guys recomend that their prices arnt that bad but they dunt have many styles with the writing on the bum..hehe..i relli want that type...i guess ill start doin my hunting soon!!

    btw jadore_dior

    wuts {Men\'s Club, Fab (in Kits), Atomic Model, Hills, I think it\'s called Crush.}

    were r those??..no clue
  6. mz.g

    mz.g Full Member

    men\'s club --> park royal shopping centre
    hills --> kerrisdale
  7. fro

    fro Full Member

    so i went to below the belt and checked em out they hab a gud selection...not to bad..but they dunt hab the ones with writing on the bum anymore..excpet for like one but i didnt like it...not in terry cloth anymore..and i asked the gurl and she said they stopped making those..not sure if she relli knows...but do u think they\'ll get newer designs or bring that one bak soon?..im not relli liking the ones they hab rite now..
  8. na21

    na21 New Member

    Right now Holt Renfrew has some juicy stuff on sale. I think some track outfits.

    As well try buying juicy stuff from the states like others have mentioned its cheaper and you get a better selection.

    Neiman Marcus will ship to Canada but you have to call in the purchase, they as well are having a sale on some juicy things... Please login or register to view links

  9. fro

    fro Full Member

    o okay tanks...yah i went on der but not alota petite sizes in most of them..like they hab the pants and not the top..and didnt find the style frum last yr with the writing on the bak..hmm but ill keep lukin jus if anyone sees that kind plz let me kno!...and also if i did order frum the site do u kno how much approx. extra customs charges would be added to it when i gota pick it up from the pst office?..dat always screws me over...tanks
  10. RichardWilinski

    RichardWilinski Full Member

    My girlfriend gets her Juicy gear at Neiman\'s & Nordstrom\'s located in LA & Vegas. Lucky for her that we travel alot because she likes the merchandise in the US more than Canada. So I highly recommend these 2 spots for what you\'re looking for.

    Also, if you like sweats with printing on the bum, try the PINK line by Victoria\'s Secret:

    Please login or register to view links

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  11. peachygurl

    peachygurl New Member

    nordstroms also ships to canada, but you have to order over the phone. Shipping costs $20 to canada, i just placed an order with them today.

    You can also purchase on Neiman Marcus\' live chat and over the phone like na21 said.

    As for the extra customs i\'m not sure how much it will cost as this is my first time shopping online from nordstrom, but once i get them in, i\'ll let you know! I also marked it as a gift, i think that might help with the duty.
  12. fro

    fro Full Member

    ok tanks RichardWilinski ill be sure to check it out..and peachygurl make sure u get back with the customs extra charges!!..lol cuz i ordered boots from babyphat.com..and shipping was 15$..but wen i had to get it from the post office extra 35$ due to customs..(and they were made in china added to the customs) :side:
  13. peachygurl

    peachygurl New Member

    i just got my juicy track jacket from nordstrom and i never got charged anything. They shipped using DHL. (maybe coz juicy items are made in the states?)

    I heard that if you buy items from the states that are made in the states that you will not be charged any custom fees.

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  14. fro

    fro Full Member

    so dhl shipping is cheaper or sumthin?..how long did it take...and yes yes its true depends were the product is made...but so wut is dhl lol i dun even kno..do u have to still go to post office to pick it up??
  15. Viv1985

    Viv1985 Full Member

    dhl is same as fedex and ups. It is shipping method for you. WHy you don\'t know?
  16. fro

    fro Full Member

    i dunt buy things online relli..i like to go to the location and see...i have this thing were i have to be able to see it in person usually...and if i do buy online i jus figure itll come to the post office hah :blink:
  17. peachygurl

    peachygurl New Member

    sorry for the late reply, i dont come on very often.

    DHL sent me a letter saying I had a package, I guess i wasn\'t home when they were trying to drop it off, so i called them and told them i\'d come pick it up at the DHL office. They offered to send a DHL rep to my house for drop off, but I wanted to pick it up myself.

    I\'m not sure if DHL is cheaper or anything, but Nordstrom was the one who chooses the shipping method unless you specify with them.

    are you going to buy somethinG?
  18. fro

    fro Full Member

    yesh yesh i wud like too...hah ...o so dhl is like the drop off thingy..kk got it..like ups?..cuz wen i order it usually goes to the post office maybe its jus the way i order it i guess..hmm..
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