Kernel's 2 for 1 Coupon!

Discussion in 'Sales, Coupons & Finds' started by ryeguy, Jul 13, 2006.

  1. ryeguy

    ryeguy Webmaster Staff Member


    The coupon was found here:

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  2. ceeeee01

    ceeeee01 Full Member

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  3. mikumiku

    mikumiku New Member

    Yum Yum!!!
  4. xx__babiie

    xx__babiie New Member

    cool..thanks :smile:
  5. Marcella

    Marcella New Member

    Yum, I love Kernels popcorn. It's so expensive these coupons are good to have.
  6. zukushiba

    zukushiba Full Member

    if u haf a spc card, u can always get kernels "buy 1 get one free deal"!!
    anytime any size!!

    which is the main reason i get spc card! haha, who can resist kernels??
  7. stinker_

    stinker_ Full Member

    YAY! i love kernels:D
  8. pb.

    pb. Full Member

    thanks. = ]
  9. pandalover

    pandalover Ultimate Deal Queen

    Thanks ceeeee01! I love kernals popcorn:p
  10. bunchofbananas

    bunchofbananas Full Member

    yeah, just use the spc card! with the card, you can buy a small size or medium instead of just large, like what the coupon says.
  11. fruitylicious

    fruitylicious Full Member

    wow thanks for the coupon..wus your fav flavour?
  12. vivelle90

    vivelle90 Full Member

    jalepeno jack or cheesy dill or the ranch one
  13. cloudS

    cloudS Full Member

    Thanks for the coupon!
  14. ryeguy

    ryeguy Webmaster Staff Member

    i wonder if this coupon is still good.
  15. shop till you drop

    shop till you drop Full Member

    I can't find the coupon on the website....where is it?


    me neither... ^
  17. Milani

    Milani Full Member

    I can't find it either...

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