kintaro ramen noodle on deman

Discussion in 'Food & Restaurants' started by mr.x, Dec 31, 2005.

  1. mr.x

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    Kintaro Ramen Noodle 788 Denman St... not the nicest place to take your date, but wow, the ramen is the best in Vancouver!! At around $7/bowl, you get a generous portion of freshly prepared ramen noodles .. i usually get the pork with miso soup base, and get them to add an egg in it.

    just the perfect food if you\'re really hungry and don\'t wanna spend more than $10.

    if you plan to go, be prepared to wait in line because it\'s a very popular place, but it\'s one of those places where ppl go there to eat quick and leave as soon as they\'re done
    :laugh: .. i\'d say it\'s worth the wait if you haven\'t tried it before!
  2. canido

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    Ooh i have been hearing about this place for ages, but i haven\'t had a chance to go there because there are always loooong LOOONNG line ups! What time do you think is the best time to go?
  3. canido

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    if you guys are interested, Kintaro opened one in Richmond. Across from Public market.

    ANd yeah..[email protected].i found it wwaaay over-rated. I didn\'t enjoy my experience there very much.

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  4. sweetheart

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    Mmmmmmmmmm just discovered this place....
    i get the Miso Ramen as well, sooo yummy...If u are going to eat ramen, u gotta eat it here!
  5. rokumi

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    personally i don't think the Richmond store is as good as the one on Denman.... i think the ramen is more "stiff"...maybe cos of different chef? :unsure:

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