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Discussion in 'Mobile/Electronics' started by VanillaBraun, Jul 2, 2009.

  1. VanillaBraun

    VanillaBraun New Member

    I'm thinking about getting the Koodo phone with the unlimited texting and 100 min plan. I was wondering if texting from Ontario, Canada (Near London and Toronto) to Arizona would cost any extra money? I have alot of family down there and would be nice to keep in touch.
  2. kiwee

    kiwee Full Member

    if u txt outside of canada it'll cost u 25cents
  3. annasus92

    annasus92 Full Member

    u should prob just stick to fb or msn
  4. ivy

    ivy Full Member

    i'm pretty sure it's 25 cents per message that you send outside of canada so that includes the US and everywhere else.
  5. hunnyx

    hunnyx Member

    im not 100% sure but i thought koodoo includes text msgs within canada i think its best if you call to the kiosk and just ask instead of calling customer service because that takes forever
  6. babie-k

    babie-k Banned

    you should just get un-limited text. can't you text anywhere in the world then for free?
  7. AmourDolce

    AmourDolce Full Member

    ^ I'm pretty positive unlimited texting is within Canada.
  8. curly888

    curly888 New Member

    well i think Arizona might be listed under the countries in this add-on

    Unlimited Messaging (Text and Picture)* $5/month
    Keep your fingers flexed. The Unlimited Messaging side lets you send and receive text and picture messages to virtually any digital wireless phone in Canada, the U.S. and 90 other countries.
    Restrictions: *Includes international text messages. Excludes premium messages.

    i hope this helps
  9. babie-k

    babie-k Banned

    Oh well, i had un-limited texting, but i'am from Canada.

    un-limited is sOO much better..=)
  10. divina1124

    divina1124 Full Member

    all of koodos texting in plans or add ons included international so US, etc, etc!!! i know should know im with koodo and text almost none stop to Peru and ..huge surprise on my bill it charges me $0.00 everytime!! =)
    ^AmourDolce, .. the unlimited texting for koodo is everywhere all over the world =) gotta love'em!!, Fido,Rogers,Bell,Solo, and Virgins unlimited texting is within canada only, which sucks and thats why im not with them
  11. DJdewj

    DJdewj New Member

    I have the "healthy balance" plan.
    I got unlimited international texting + 100 minutes anytime, and Unlimited Evenings (7pm-9am) and Unlimited Weekends.

    I added caller ID for $5/month

    I have sent texts to Australia, Hawaii, Toronto, and other places. I didn't get charged extra.
    I have also sent texts from Seattle to Vancouver, didn't get charged for roaming.

    So I don't know where people are getting the 25cent charge from?
    Unless its been introduced since I got the plan about a year ago.
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