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Discussion in 'Apparel & Shopping' started by fro, Mar 6, 2006.

  1. fro

    fro Full Member

    ok so i jus got new lacoste sport shoes..from holt renfrew...the ones with the 2 straps..and im not sure but ive worn them twice and it seems as tho after a while it feels like im gettin blisters..or will if i dun take them near the toe part..has this happened to anyone else or is it jus my imagination thinkin it mite be cause i gota \"break\" into them..:unsure:
  2. Babyblues

    Babyblues Full Member

    ya it might just be b/c your foot is trying to get used to the frame of the shoe.

    I know that when i sometimes buy a new pair of shoes, often runners or sandals, i might get a few blisters or parts where the shoe rubs, in the beginning, but nothing after i\'ve broken them in
  3. fro

    fro Full Member

    lol no my feet r okay they arnt wide or big..ima size 6 and never had problems wit the width..and runners are not like dress shoes the width is usually made i dun think its that but u can get blisters on the sides of ur toe with dress shoes i kno ..ive never had a problem with blisters in runners thats y i was like huh...but ill jus keep wearin them and see if it chnages..if not ima have some complaining to do ;) tanks
  4. canido

    canido Full Member

    I got lacoste shoes on December but i am not too crazy about them either, because for some reason they hurt my feet after using them for a while. Maybe it\'s the leather or materials that they use? I am not sure either.

    or yeah, maybe it\'s because we have to \"break in\" to the shoes before it gets comfy.
  5. fro

    fro Full Member

    yah and there suppose to be real good..thats what the sales lady said (well i guess she was trying to make a sale) but yah i dunt find them too comfy..there not bad anymore but not the most comfy runner shoes ive had
  6. shopaholic_goddess

    shopaholic_goddess Full Member

    i think this is happening because your feet isnt used to the shape of the shoe. i wear the same lacoste shoes as the ones you're wearing right now and its actually been really comfortable since i bought them. This is maybe because i used to wear puma shoes which had the same shape and when i wear it more often, it starts to suit your feet more. i dont think its a size problem but i would recommend you to wear a shoe more suitable for yourself if you dont want blisters. Right now, i think you should wear your lacoste shoes indoors for a long time as possible so you will get used to it ASAP. Good luck!!
  7. cloudS

    cloudS Full Member

    I bought this pair in February:

    I bought a half size smaller than my regular size and in the beginning after awhile it would hurt a bit. But after wearing them more and breaking them in they felt a lot more comfier.
  8. o1_babi

    o1_babi Full Member

    i find that the sales people at lacoste arent very knowledgeable about the shoes.. they said that the shoes are very comfy and i expected them to be.. especially at that price. i had a pair of illusions and my feet hurt afterwards because the cushioning wasnt good enough.. and they dont seem like they can be worn for sports.. even though ive tried breaking them in, they still give me blisters.:unsure
  9. careroll

    careroll Full Member

    ouch =( .. you probably have to get into them.. in th emean while wear really thick socks or longer socks?
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