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Discussion in 'Mobile/Electronics' started by Babyblues, Mar 24, 2006.

  1. Babyblues

    Babyblues Full Member

    Hey, i\'m thinking of maybe getting a laptop, but not too sure.....i know if i get one then i\'ll never use my desktop, lol, but anyways.......

    I was wondering what laptops are good out there? What are some things that I should be looking for, if i do convince myself to get one, lol, and what price am i gonna pay? Also, what brand names are good, and what to stay away from......

    Any advice would be great! Although, i\'m on the fence with buying one, lol.
  2. xsalesjunkiex

    xsalesjunkiex Full Member

    Babyblues.. good thing you asked cause i can answer that.

    First, you have to ask yourself:

    1) what are you going to use it for?
    2) what\'s your price range?

    if it\'s simply word processing, then you don\'t need anything fancy and you can usually get away with anything that\'s under $1000.

    But if your\'e a gamer you\'ll want something with a decent video card.

    Some features you\'ll want to consider:

    - dvd burner?
    - bluetooth enabled?
    - size & weight ( light and compact makes it easier to carry around with you)
    - battery life (4 - 5 hours is excellent, some eat battery like crazy, some have good power management functions)
    - built in card reader? (to be able to read SD card, compact flash, etc)
    - extra buttons like volume control, mute, video player controls (play, pause, skip)

    i hope that helps out a bit.. personally, i don\'t use my laptop for much other than getting on the internet, checking email and just updating the website!!!! I have an acer and it\'s very basic with an 8x dvd burner.. it\'s light and it\'s simple, and has a long battery life!! up to 5 hours.

    i hope that sorta helps :S

    Check out some good deals here:

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  3. Babyblues

    Babyblues Full Member

    ya sorry, i guess i should have said what exactly i wanted it for.

    ok, well for word processing, powerpoint, movie maker, etc....remember, i\'m in the profession that could use it, lol.

    I also would like to be able to burn dvd\'s, as my desktop doesn\'t do that right now.

    I\'m not really a gamer, so i don\'t need it for that. Although i would like to watch dvd\'s, play powerpoint and access movie maker as it would help with my job.

    As for brands, i know alot of people have toshiba\'s or dell\'s and i was wondering. i know that dell has been having some issues the last years with systems crashing so i think i may stay away from dell. but, how is toshiba?? anyone have any opinions??
  4. mk04

    mk04 Full Member

    hey babyblues im no expert but i do know some limited info (from my brother who\'s quite into technology, and im quite sure its a biased opinion but anywaysss)
    Dell\'s i heard are crappy because problems w/the system, but the upside is that their customer service is excellent so they\'re always willing to help you and even repalce parts and ship, etc.

    As for apple, the iBooks are so popular and i do like the way they look but the main thing with those is if you\'re very used to microsoft and its layout, its a completely different layout and system than microsoft so it can be difficicult to adjust to. but the mac\'s are compatible with window\'s programs (word, excel, powerpoint, etc.)

    and the laptop company i\'ve been recommended is a toshiba, i don\'t really know why lol but if you go for a toshiba, make sure it has something called centrino. again sorry i have no idea what the hell centrino is, maybe ryan can help?? and ive seen comemrcials for dual centrino too... thats all i know lol!!
  5. Babyblues

    Babyblues Full Member

    Thanks, ya i had a mac before my pc, and i have to say that i hate them, sorry. i had a mac for years and years, and i always found that it was difficult to download things and the layout is not as user friendly as pc\'s.

    I know that the ibooks\' are really nice and all, and they look \"pretty\", yes i said pretty, b/c thats what my gf\'s have said, lol. but i\'ve used it and i prefer my pc.

    Ya, i have no real idea what centrino is-----> ryan?? lol. what about one\'s that have: satellite?? what is this for? internet? (i\'ve seen on some toshiba), or intel celeron??? i sometimes see intel centrino, and intel celeron-->what\'s the difference?

    Ya, i want to also use it for the internet as well.
  6. okay ill tell u one thing that every expert saids: \"buy the most amount of RAM u can afford\" --> because that has the most direct affect on ur computer operating speed.

    Don\'t cheap out and buy a 256mb because in the end ull end up paying more for upgrades (laptop ram is different and u need someone to instal it for u)

    so as much as u can afford buy the most ram: 512mb is good and 1 gig is pretty much the best u can get right now
    Also don\'t buy ur laptop now because they just introduced DUAL CORE CENTRINO and the prices will drop soon

    also don\'t buy celeron or any other processors but buy Centrino or centrino dual core.

    - key features: Micro-Ops Fusion, which combines two micro-operations into one, enabling it to execute faster and at lower power; Advanced Branch Prediction -- a new implementation technique -- to help to reduce overall latency in the system contributing to higher performance at lower power; and the Dedicated Stack Manager, which reduces the overall number of micro-operations required to generate higher performance at lower power.

    Frum what i know Toshiba + Sony Vaio is the best.
    Sony vaio got sum interesting features on it u should check it out but both Toshiba and Sony is more expensive than Acer for some reason.

    honestly if u want something really flashy/cool get the ferrari acer laptop it is RED and made of carbon fiber -_-;; (very uneccesary)
  7. xsalesjunkiex

    xsalesjunkiex Full Member

    centrino and celeron are different kinds of CPUs, but are both made by Intel... it\'s like how there\'s a volkswagen golf and a volkswagen GTI .. essentially the same car except the GTI comes fully loaded and a better engine.

    in this case, the centrino wins over the celeron... while performance is probably similar, the centrino wins because it runs cooler, and that means you get a better batter life...also, this means it\'s quieter because the fan doesn\'t turn on as much.

    my laptop has a centrino CPU. right now it\'s super quiet (no fan at all for the past 2 hrs) and my laptop doesn\'t feel hot at all.. i hope that helps!
  8. Babyblues

    Babyblues Full Member

    all of this helps alot. thanks everyone!

    Ok, now i just need to try and convince myself, lol, that i sould get one-->although i know i don\'t need one....AAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHH

    Now, i wonder about i\'ve seen some from $1300 and some up to $1900, but i don\'t really know the difference.....probably ram and other things, lol
  9. xsalesjunkiex

    xsalesjunkiex Full Member

    i honestly think you can get away with something around $1300 with what you\'re going to be using it for... if you want to spend more, you\'ll typically get:

    - faster CPU
    - more RAM
    - better video card (for doing graphics and playing games)
    - bigger hard drive

    you really don\'t need anything too fancy!! :p
  10. reminder: Centrino + RAM!!!! das all u really need to look for and watever screen size u want.. whether it be normal or widescreen.. das all personal preference but then CENTRINO + RAM!!!

    Harddrive do not worry about that they come standard around 80 gigabytes now and that is more than enough to store ur workfiles + some media. Do not spend more money just because u get my hard disk space because u can always buy a external HDD and link it to ur laptop for storage and so on. [Btw Terabyte HDD came out so HDD prices are gonna fall too ]
  11. Babyblues

    Babyblues Full Member

    ok i think this is my last question....

    Satellite???? I saw some laptops, ie Toshiba Satellite....ok, what is the satellite for? and is it a special feature that is better/worse to have?
  12. Babyblues

    Babyblues Full Member

    Well, i\'ve now convinced myself that i am gonna get a lap top. now i just have to search around for the best prices and what not.

    I saw some centrino dual\'s that were a pretty good price. What is the real difference with the centrino dual\'s? Is it worth it to get one.

    See, my theory is.........if i\'m gonna do something, i\'m gonna do it right. ie; when i got my car, i got completely fully loaded (everything in it i could get) b/c i knew if i didn\'t then i\'d be kicking myslef.

    See i\'d rather pay a bit more to have pretty much the best then to cut corners and then pay for it inthe end b/c i know that i would have benefitted if i had shelled out a bit more money in the beginning.

    So, my dilemma it worth it to get the centrino dual? especially if i see one with a good base price?
  13. xsalesjunkiex

    xsalesjunkiex Full Member


    it\'s actually \"Duo Core\"

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    if you want to go all out, then definitely go for the ones with the centrino duo core processors because you\'ll get outstanding performance.

    It\'s like asking yourself this... would you rather drive the honda civic or the honda s2000? if you can afford it, go for it!!

    I have a different philosophy when it comes to computers and technology though.. i never buy the most expensive or the least exensive computers.. but maybe somewhere in the middle.. the reason why is because technology moves so fast these days and prices drop really quickly.

    This way, i\'m not stuck with a slow computer, and yet i\'m not paying too much for a computer that will drop in price in a few months.

    btw, check out this computer store with excellent prices:

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    good luck!!

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  14. Babyblues

    Babyblues Full Member

    thanks everyone!! well i did bite the bullit and buy a laptop today.......along with the case, wireless mouse, etc..etc..etc...

    It actually wasn\'t that bad.

    ended up getting a toshiba intel centrino w/512mb of ram. the difference in price btwn the centrino and centrino duo was more than just a few hundred, so i decided to stick with the one i got.

    My price range was about $1299 at the most, and i got it for $1199 plus all the taxes and everything

    THANK YOU EVERYONE for all of your input. i think i would have truly been lost without all of you b/c i really didn\'t know what the hell to look for and what to get.

    THANK YOU!! :) :) :)
  15. ko0ty

    ko0ty Elite Member

    Unless you are a gamer, go for a Mac! Mac's are great and I've never heard of one crashing before either and less viruses (unlike PCs). They have a program called Boot Camp that lets you run Windows now too. They are quite more expensive than a PC, but if you have the money go for it! Once you start using Macs, you'll hate PCs.
  16. Babyblues

    Babyblues Full Member

    see i've used mac's before, and i hate them.....they always irritate me. they're great for doing i-movie and what not, but processing on it irritates me.
    i'm so happy with my toshiba i got 5 months ago!
  17. ko0ty

    ko0ty Elite Member

    Yeah I guess everyone has a different opinion on Macs... especially when people aren't use to them. But it mostly depends what you are doing mostly on your computer anyway. :wink:
  18. Katie

    Katie Full Member

    yeah everyone has their opinons on macs. But really... i was a changed woman when i went from using a PC to getting a Mac Ibook. Haha. I LOVE MACS. They are super easy to use, and i dont understand why some people have such difficulty with them . You can do everything you can on a PC with a mac. All the same programs, you can even use Windows if you want. The Ibook is the best computer i've ever had. I do everything the same as i've ever done on any other computer (music downloads, movies, word processing, thousands of pictures .etc) but no viruses!!! ever!!

    if you see those mac/pc commercials with those 2 guys pretending to be the different computers. they are BANG ON! Macs never crash, dont get viruses, are super fast, perfect for movies and pictures. And you can still use all your Microsoft Office programs (excel, word, powerpoint etc) or any other programs that are important to you.

    plus they are so much cuter!!! and smaller. Theres all sorts of handy accessories for macs and they are so fun. Even if you get a desktop mac they are so much easier. everything is in one box instead of 5.

    jeeesh i could go on and on about macs. :p
  19. 604Jase

    604Jase Full Member

    Aside from the ban on liquids and gels, I heard they may be banning laptops from boarding airplanes as well. How the hell are we supposed to conduct business via email contact if they ban laptops? Why would they consider banning laptops to begin with? I don't see how they can pose a risk. I mean, the laptops go through the X-ray conveyer belt for inspection anyway right? :angry:
  20. ko0ty

    ko0ty Elite Member

    Maybe terrorists use them to ask their terrorist buddies when they don't know how to mix their chemicals to make their bombs.. lol.

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