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Discussion in 'Apparel & Shopping' started by HarajukuLover, Apr 25, 2006.

  1. HarajukuLover

    HarajukuLover Full Member

    This is sooOOo lame. We installed locks for my bedroom door and last nite I accidentally locked da door wit my keys and everythin INSIDE my room! Nice!!!! It\'s such a nice day outside and I gotta wait for da stupid locksmith to come pick da lock cuz I got all my clothes & stuff in there! Stupid meeeeeeee!!!!!! :angry: :blush: :S :dry: :huh: :pinch: :unsure: Someone pls tell me they got locked out before too so I won\'t feel as bad lol.
  2. canido

    canido Full Member

    I haven\'t done that yet, but my sister did 1/2 a year ago. Her bedroom was on the second floor, so my brother tried to climp up our house...and it was pouring rain! Dangerous~

    But in the end, we ended up getting a locksmith..it cost $50 ...and he was only there for like 10 minutes.
  3. 604Jase

    604Jase Full Member

    I locked my car keys into my car before in 1998 and had to call Roadside Assistance but I\'ve never locked my keys into my house before lol. Hope everything works out ok. :)
  4. Sales! Sales! Sales!

    Sales! Sales! Sales! Full Member

    Did you manage to get into your bedroom alright Harajukulover? What lesson have you learned from this? To never lock your keys into your bedroom again right? :pinch: :kiss:
  5. Babyblues

    Babyblues Full Member

    years ago we had the type of front door where when you closed it it would automatically lock.....well my gf came over and we were gonna go outside and site on the porch and talk and she shut the door.

    it was like 3pm and my parents wouldn\'t be home till at least 6pm, so we went next door and asked for a ladder, and i made her climb up the ladder and climb into the 3rd floor window and open the door...hell she closed the damn door!!

    although i have locked my keys in my trunk before and was freaking out, and then realized that all i had to do was pull down the back seat to the trunk and open pull the bag out (i didn\'t have a trunk release in my car)....so i had a complete BLOND moment, lol
  6. HarajukuLover

    HarajukuLover Full Member

    Canido, today I was charged exactly $50 for da locksmith to open my bedroom door! That\'s exactly what you paid too! If he had charged me over that amount I would feel ripped off cuz of what you were charged. NEwayz so glad it\'s over and done wit. Now I\'ve learned my lesson okay!!! No more locking my bedroom door with my keys inside!!! :blush: :blush: :blush:
  7. jadore_dior

    jadore_dior Full Member

    Harajuku Lover... don\'t feel so bad.. I did it too. I didn\'t even realize there was a lock on my door and I think one day i musta locked it (it\'s one of those that you push in and turn to lock) by accident and when I got home from work I didn\'t realize I needed a Key to open it..

    so i thought.. no prob.. just ask my parents for the key... stupid me... THEY HAD NO KEY!! My parents didn\'t even know it needed a key. This happened at 10 pm when all the locksmiths were closed so I ended up almost breakin the door down to open it...

    This reminds me that i should change the knob on the door. heheh

    oh and i\'ve locked my keys in the trunk of my car too. I had the trunk relase latch disconnected becuase my car kept getting broken into because of my subs. I musta locked the door with my remote.. then for some reason threw the keys ontop of my purse in the trunk and shut the door.. I felt soo dumb with my purse AND my keys locked in the trunk. I had to get my BF to come with the second key and remote to get the doors and trunk open...

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  8. HarajukuLover

    HarajukuLover Full Member

    :blink: heehee jadoredior I\'m lucky to say that I only 4got da keyz in my car once and that was wit my previous car cuz it didn\'t have automatic door locks. Da car I have now is kewl cuz it has automatic door locks so I can be sher to never lock da keyz inside. :) Thankx for sharin ur story cuz I felt so retarded for lockin my keys inside my bedroom that day!!! :blink: :blink: lollll:S :S :pinch:

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