London, Ontario: CHI Hair Straighteners - $98.00 (shipping included)

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  1. kaityg00

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    Hi Everyone!

    I work for a Salon in London and we are having a close-out sale. As a result, we have about 20 irons to sell at a discounted price.

    Instead of the retail $160+taxes, we are selling them at $98.00 FLAT w/free shipping anywhere in Ontario. If you live elsewhere, shipping is just an additional $8.00!

    They are original, authentic and come wrapped, in the original box. Heats to a maximum 180 degrees and takes 8-10 seconds from plug in, until the iron is ready to use.

    I'm sure it's pointless to say how great they are, since everyone already knows it! :)

    If you're interested in buying, we will be accepting Pay Pal (credit, debit or online transfer) and you will receive a tracking number upon payment.

    Thanks girls! :)

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  2. ryeguy

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    hi kaityg00..... i just wanted to welcome you to mallvibes! it's great to see a new member from london ontario. anyway, if u have any questions, please let me know =P
  3. ayye_samm

    ayye_samm New Member

    are they just chi straightners?
  4. irken4

    irken4 New Member

    are there any more of these hair straighteners for sale and how can I contact you if there are? thank in advance
  5. laksha03

    laksha03 New Member

    hey i was interested in these straighteners. How can i get a hold of u? Hope to hear from u soon.

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