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  1. natpell

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    ok , most poeple lovveeee mac makeup.

    alot o people wear it everday .

    i find mac makeup , far too heavy for everyday wear.

    i find it soooooooooo hard to get off, and sometimes i just feel liek quickly wiping off my makeup then jumping into bed, instead of spending hours scrubbing it off.

    i just find it much too performance orriented to be sold in department stores.

    yet some of their makeup is awesome.

    i think they shoudl only sell functional coulours that people wear everyday, in their stores.

    like have u ever seen the spring grass lip colour, its neon green !!!!! who in the real world would wear neon green ...
    ITS CRAZY!!!

    well let me knwo what u think of MAC
  2. vaio

    vaio Full Member

    well. i think i depends which makeup remover ur using...for me..only the eyeliner,mascara and eye its easy to remove it ..
    if u use waterproof.then it might be harder.
  3. nehaakhtar

    nehaakhtar New Member

    i think it depends on what kind of makeup u are using. i hav been using mac for over a year now and i love it. i like the foundation that gives great coverage but just like any other fdn it can feel heavy and your skin feels like a dry cake sometimes! and yeah if you use waterproof things they will b hard to get off, they are made to last long. i use the mascara, liner, and face powder and some shadow at times. a facecloth does the job at the end of the day. it takes a while to put it on, it will also take some time to take it all off;) ( why couldnt all of us be born with perfect porcelain nicole kidman skin!:blush: )
  4. jadore_dior

    jadore_dior Full Member

    MAC makeup was originally designed for Makeup artist and have expanded to everyday people who want the great selection of everything from everyday colors to wild funky runway colors.

    I am a professional makeup artist and there are alot of items at MAC which I love and there are some which I would never use myself but would look awesome on a client. Therefore this is why they have to cater to both the regular consumer and the Professional makeup artists.

    MAC does carry a wide foundation selection with a ton of differnt colors and textures. They carry everything from sheer foundations to heavy stage and camera makeup. For everyday, I would choose a light liquid foundation, or maybe if you want something with a little more coverage but is easy and fast to apply i\'d use the studio fix.

    In order to remove makeup fully, you need to use a makeup remover especially for the eyes and lips. If you use waterproof makeup you need to use an emollient based (oil or cream) remover which helps to dissolve makeup. Then you would use a cleanser for the rest of your face.

    Everyone has their own opinions about MAC.. I for one love the selection. =)

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