Mallviber's Recent Purchases 2011

Discussion in 'Apparel & Shopping' started by xneener, Jan 1, 2011.

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  1. Maclay

    Maclay Member

    Needed a new camera, so bought the Sony Nex-5 with 2 lenses :)!!!
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  2. kqx

    kqx Full Member

    do a review on it later ^^
  3. ticktock

    ticktock Full Member

    Itouch 8gb in white.
    $147.XX w/tax. Pretty good deal IMO
    My old mp3 lasted 5 years.
  4. crayola actually

    crayola actually Full Member

    Where did you get your itouch?
  5. ticktock

    ticktock Full Member

    Their ipods were 10% off = $179.99 -$10 GC-$40 Buytopia coupon
    The buytopia coupon was $20 for $40 worth @ staples. It "mentally feels like" I saved $40 since I bought the coupon ages ago.
    My parents paid for it so they got a good amount of PC points too=more free groceries lol.

    Here are some other good deals on them
    Future shop: Trade in any old mp3 and get $30 off
    London Drugs: $179.99 and get a bonus $10 gc (because it's spend $66+ and get $10 GC free)
  6. annatasticc

    annatasticc Member

    2 Hello Sugar Bras
    5 Panties
    Pair of Boxer PJs

    Please login or register to view links

    STOCK UP LADIES... last day tommorrow; I wish I bought more but... doubt it need it ><

    Exchanged for Lancome Teint Idole Buff 6

    Powder Puff
    5 Bottles of Double Cleanser <3
    Metallic Natural Brown Liquid Liner
  7. Rei

    Rei Full Member

    i got the same camera in silver, love it!!!
  8. azianremixx

    azianremixx Full Member

    My parents and I were bored at home so we went to decided to go to the mall. Gosh bad idea, it was annoying looking to the right for my mom and looking to my left for my dad. We all walk in different paces and just took longer to walk throughout the mall

    Aritzia - Wilfred Augustina Blouse in Silk Crepe de Chine [myself] $135
    $100 for my bestie - adding to her stocking stuffers

    Body Shop - Cranberry joy reed diffuser x3 [mom] $33
    ~ Body Shop was having 3 for 30 in the entire store

    Nike - wool M65 jacket [dad] for his birthday present $360
    ~ 25% off but final sale
    My dad loved the jacket so much because its military inspired since he is a retired SGT.

    Apple Store - Ipad to TV componient AV cable [dad] $50
    Ever since I showed my dad the connection of the Ipad to the tv , he's been watching Netflix all day
  9. SmileyGuy

    SmileyGuy Full Member

    IT'S DONE. I finally put the order in for my new pair of denim, probably won't start on them till 2012, but that's okay! got em' 11% off, totalling $340 </3. CAN'T WAIT FOR THEM TO ARRIVE! SExFHxRJBs.
  10. Beast

    Beast Full Member

    Ordered these Almos Boots online from Aldo. They were about $59 after tax

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  11. neonscent

    neonscent Elite Member

    coach hailey in black leather... was debating whether to get the regular sophia or the hailey. the bag looks better in person/when worn, it looks terrible in the stock photos LOL. too bad the black doesn't have the brass hardware

    it fits quite a bit of stuff- basically if it fits a water bottle among the essentials, i'll consider buying it

  12. azianremixx

    azianremixx Full Member

    I don't know why I like the fur vest, I thought they were ugly at first but as I kept looking them, I wanted one. I bought a belt in China that would go great with the vest. I should have bought the vest in China there were so many of them and they were cheaper. I just kept debating and debating and it was too late to actually buy one. Oh wells
    Here are some looks I found
    ca400336693195cb_kimkardashian_1029.jpg hilary-duff-larok-vest.jpg
  13. juicybrat

    juicybrat Moderator Staff Member

    ^ i was like that too with the furry vests. i thought they looked ugly but they are ugly cute because they would look awesome with an all black outfit. it grew on me so i bought two furry vests from h&m as of late.

    Forever 21 cyber monday promo code "cybermo" for free shipping on all orders

    what i bought recently


    looks way better in person. the pink is a really neutral salmon pink that isn't tacky at all

    for my brother's girl friend who loves hello kitty
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  14. devilgurl

    devilgurl Full Member

    Clarisonic Mia plus an extra "sensitive" brush head for $125 usd incl shipping to canada... not bad i think. The Mia is now $119 and has 20% off. I also used ebates which as 12% cashback today.

  15. dogluver

    dogluver Full Member

    That's where i got mine too! however i got dinged 30 somethin at the door :(
  16. devilgurl

    devilgurl Full Member

    Whhaaaa really? :(:( but don't they ship via USPS?
  17. iheartdeals

    iheartdeals Active Member

    i just bought 5 north face items from's cyber monday sale.

    3 north face mens jackets - xmas gifts.
    1 north face jacket for me.
    1 pair of north face gloves - xmas gift.
  18. azianremixx

    azianremixx Full Member

    Puma and Nike shoes both for my dad
    My dentist appointment
    Visa bill
    Body washes
    Las Vegas trip - staying in Planet Hollywood
  19. 1sw-eetxhunny

    1sw-eetxhunny Full Member

    i took advantage of the f21 free shipping and bought the hello kitty umbrella as well =p
  20. dogluver

    dogluver Full Member

    yup! spent over 200 at the skincare store online and got dinged $36 :S
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