Mallviber's Recent Purchases 2012

Discussion in 'Apparel & Shopping' started by j4joanne, Jan 9, 2012.

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  1. xbabysoul

    xbabysoul Full Member



  2. Type.B

    Type.B Full Member

    Omg! I want the real technique brushes so bad! too bad there's no Ulta in bellingham!
  3. azianremixx

    azianremixx Full Member

    Birthday dresses for me =) in LA/LV
    Rayban's for my dad
    Sony Viao laptop for my mom's birthday, today
    contour.jpg reverse.jpg squin.jpg rayban.jpg sony viao.jpg
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  4. azianremixx

    azianremixx Full Member

    Metrotown shopping

    Suzy Shier - black & red pants
    Zara - crochet shorts
    Aldo - heel grip
    Auto world - vent car air freshner
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  5. delster

    delster Full Member

  6. dogluver

    dogluver Full Member

    MK watch from hawaiii :D 2012-03-30 11.22.13-1.jpg
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  7. jay_elle

    jay_elle Full Member

    Nice watch !
  8. Hurley

    Hurley Full Member


    Endeavor board + bindings.
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  9. dogluver

    dogluver Full Member

    thank you!! it was affordable and in my budget range! lols. i want to sell my burberry watch now :S
  10. Dorkette

    Dorkette Full Member

    Love the watch! Welcome back btw :p
  11. blair

    blair Elite Member

  12. dogluver

    dogluver Full Member

    thanks! the store said it's rose coloured or somethin like that :S it's not gold coloured, more like light copper
    swing by for some honolulu cookies =P yummmmmmm!
  13. neonscent

    neonscent Elite Member

    canucks scarf @ the playoffs store at metrotown. i do believe it's the 2012 playoff one because that's what it said on the receipt!
  14. chubbybunny

    chubbybunny Full Member

  15. lovelixir

    lovelixir Full Member

    Pretty blouse! Where did you get it?
  16. delster

    delster Full Member

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  17. Rei

    Rei Full Member

    Banana Republic Metro: for husband [​IMG]
    with 40% off coupon
  18. devilgurl

    devilgurl Full Member

    Went a little crazy the past few days... April is my no-shopping month, if you see me post another purchase this month, virtual-slap me!

    F21 twill skinny pants $18.80 is up on the site!! I got three colours. Wanted the yellow too but they sold out so quickly!






    From Anthro

  19. j4joanne

    j4joanne Full Member

    New MAC collections came out in stores on my birthday!! Couldn't resist :D lol

    Extra Dimension Collection:
    -MSF in Whisper of Gilt (L)
    -MSF in Superb (R)

    Tres Cheek Collection:
    -Powder Blush in Pink Tea (top)
    -Powder Blush in Lovecloud (bottom)

  20. kitsune

    kitsune Full Member

    Hoodie, cardigans, shirts, jacket from Hollister.
    Abercrombie and Hollister are having additional 40% off! Check it out!
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