Mallviber's Recent Purchases 2012

Discussion in 'Apparel & Shopping' started by j4joanne, Jan 9, 2012.

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  1. delster

    delster Full Member

    Hello Kitty Sweater

    basic tee
  2. devilgurl

    devilgurl Full Member

    Hunter Regent Rainboots, $79!

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  3. 1sw-eetxhunny

    1sw-eetxhunny Full Member

    oo i like the colour! how much was this? thanks :)
  4. shiningb3b3

    shiningb3b3 Full Member

    It's nice! Congrats on the ring! Is it platinum? I know Cartier and Tiffany & Co mostly do platinum only for their e-rings.

    The centre stone looks much bigger than it is from that setting, which is a good thing. Did you get a nice quality CUT for that stone at least?

    I'm sure she won't find it small, as Japanese people don't seem to care much about the BLING as much as the brand name, like you stated.

    If not, just ask Cartier if they'd be able to honour an upgrade for the center stone in the future!

    I personally would choose ideal hearts and arrows for my centre stone over the size or the brand name, but that's just me!

    Congrats again =)
  5. viccky

    viccky Active Member

  6. iamnobird

    iamnobird New Member

    I've been looking for these for under $100! Care to share where you found 'em?
  7. devilgurl

    devilgurl Full Member, i think they're sold out now though :(
  8. iamnobird

    iamnobird New Member

    Bummer! Oh well, thanks anyway!
  9. lovelixir

    lovelixir Full Member

  10. festealth

    festealth Full Member


    Yes, it is platinum, which unfortunately makes upgrading to a bigger diamond almost impossible.
    The diamond is pretty good: VS1, E and Very Good cut (only Excellent is higher).... but it's obviously not as big as the one in the picture, lol.

    One of the reason I chose Cartier is because the Ballerine Solitaire is only available at Cartier. I have seen rings my friends bought/received and most of them are pretty generic. Much bigger diamond, but all the designs were the common. Either a solitaire or the band kinda splits toward the centre. You can get those anywhere.

    When I first got my gf a promise ring from Mappins, her Japanese friends were all "Hey, nice ring, what brand? Tiffany, Bvlgari?" and she goes "Ummm... it's uhh... a Canadian brand.... yeah, you guys wouldn't know.... >_< T_T"
  11. momentai

    momentai Elite Member

    im too lazy to find your original post, but its pretty awesome that you got your gf such a nice (and expensive) ring. especially when you took into consideration of her culture, friends opinions, and stuff.
  12. j4joanne

    j4joanne Full Member

    Benefit "Let There Be Bright!" Holiday Boxed Set - $52. Got to use my $10 gift card from Shopper Drug Mart! :)

    - Full size it's potent! Eye Cream
    - Full size Triple Performing Facial Emulsion
    - Deluxe sample Triple Moisture Facial Cream
    - Deluxe sample the POREfessional Primer

    Feel free to check out my (brand new!) blog for some thoughts on the products! Please login or register to view links

    *Edit: Sorry the post on the blog wasn't published when I posted here, but now it is! (Clearly I'm still so new to this whole thing haha)*
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  13. Pinkcaviar

    Pinkcaviar Full Member


    Currently obsessed with tea! From DavidsTea online website, I received, Toasted Walnut, Mom’s apple pie and salted caramel. In my package, I also received samples of banana nut bread, toasted marshmallow and strawberry rhubarb parfait.
  14. lovelixir

    lovelixir Full Member

    Benefit Sexy Little Stowaways holiday set
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  15. Hurley

    Hurley Full Member

    If anyone is still looking for the Breaking Dawn Essence collection, Shoppers now has them on clearance! The nail polish that I saw left were only $0.99!
  16. LessThanThree

    LessThanThree Active Member

    Oh~ where did you see this? I've been looking for them!
  17. Hurley

    Hurley Full Member

    Shoppers beside PriceSmart on North Road :)

    They have a little sale rack/wall near the cosmetics.
  18. momentai

    momentai Elite Member

    as in vampire makeup?
  19. Hurley

    Hurley Full Member

    Haha hell no! It's basically just make-up/nail polish branded with the movie name. :p
  20. LessThanThree

    LessThanThree Active Member

    Finally found a shoppers that had the twilight nail polish in stock ~ bought the gold, purple and blue one. sadly it wasn't on sale, but even regular price is quite cheap,
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