Metropolis at Metrotown: SHOP 'TIL YOU DROP EVENT OCT 6th @ 6-9PM

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    Metropolis at Metrotown is partnering with Canada's only shopping magazine to celebrate shopping!

    On Thursday, October 6th, 2011 between 6-9pm, Metropolis and LOULOU Magazine present "Shop ‘Til You Drop" - a night of exclusive offers, super savings, giveaways, in-store events, prizes, and more.

    Bring your friends and enjoy a chic, sophisticated and unique shopping experience.

    Present your LOULOU Shop ‘Til You Drop passport for these one-night only exclusive deals, promotions & events:

    more info:Please login or register to view links

    ** I can't post the rest because it says it exceeds the 10,000 characters... :(

    **** You're suppose to present your LOULOU Shop ‘Til You Drop passport, anyone know if that banner is the coupon or do you have to sign up and get one?
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  2. momentai

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    sounds awesome, might drop by after coop. and i think you might have to go to the loulou site for the passport

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  4. ryeguy

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    great post paperfish! added to blog:)
  5. Here's the list of participating retailers:
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  6. Download the passport here
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  7. juicybrat

    juicybrat Moderator Staff Member

    im going! you'll prob see me in sunglasses that day =)
  8. clemon

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    I have midterm friday morning :( I wanna goooooooo
  9. Dorkette

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    Yeppiee! Going to hunt for a dress while I'm at it lol! Does the "XXI (Forever 21): 10% off discount" (and other store offers) start when the event begins tomorrow?
  10. juicybrat

    juicybrat Moderator Staff Member

    yeah from 6pm-9pm tho
  11. xoxoxx

    xoxoxx Full Member

    do you need the passport to get the discount ?
  12. Dorkette

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    Thanks juicy! I'll wave hello if I see you there haha x)

    Just in case, it's probably best to keep the passport in your bag BUT they might have the passports at the cashier already. :)
  13. clemon

    clemon Full Member

    do you guys go? how was it?
  14. paperfish

    paperfish Full Member

    Apparently there was a deluxe gift bag full of goodies/ gift cards/ loulou magazine etc to the first ~200 people. There was a huge line up for it too. So jealous !!!!
  15. xneener

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  16. kitsune

    kitsune Full Member

    I got one! I was really lucky cuz i went pretty late.. I was like the 3rd last person to get it.
    It had so much stuff it was heavy! There was a $10 gift card from metrotown as well.. But i didnt realize until after my purchase >.<
    little sample packs of lotions and perfume, magazine, keychain, qoola? Yogurt coupon, some studs from Crystique that looks pretty cheap.. Hair conditioner thingie? I thought it was hair dye.. Chips! Lol little notepad.. Toothpaste.. Thats all i can think of.

    Purchase wise, i only bought the steve madden rainboots at 40% off. Last one in my size! Really happy cuz i thought $125 was ridiculous when the states is $80.. So i bought it evem cheaper! :)

    I got some free samples from kiehls, and a tiny facial from skoah.
    Never used the brand but it seems pretty good. Any reviews?

    I was so tired.. Too many people.. Even more with this event!
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  17. kqx

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    ^ Woww... I was thinking of going yesterday. I ended up not going bc it was too cold outside. lol Sigh, I should've went =p O well
  18. vonnie

    vonnie Full Member

    I went with juicybrat :) We both got a swag bag~

    Here's a picture of what we got!

    Please login or register to view links

    Lots of participating stores had complimentary food and drinks for their customers, as well as dedicated "spa areas" for customers that had purchased something. Some notable ones we went to were: Banana Republic, had water and mini cupcakes; Le Chateau, gave out macarons; The Gap, had a nail bar and pinkberry yogurt; Jacob, also had a nail bar and free candy stand... and lots more. Plen+y was also having their grand opening that day so they had their own 25% off promotion, DJ, photobooth and wine bar.

    Some stores, like F21 (10% off until end of month), ecotique ($10 off $50 service), Ecco ($25 gift card), Suzy Shier ($5 gift card), Qoola (BOGO) and Town Shoes ($15 off $100) gave out promotional cards that could be used at another time. I think the best swag we got was a $10 Metrotown gift card that can be used at any store in Metrotown :)

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    The only thing I bought was lingerie at Jacob :) I got a corset/panty set and a teddy/panty set, only $13 each down from $70 per set~ Their bras were also only $4.99, and panties were $1.99! Both the sets I bought were good quality stuff. I can't believe their XS fit me too! I was so pleasantly surprised :)

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  19. paperfish

    paperfish Full Member

    XXI is still offering 10% discount for purchases over 40$ - I think it's valid for 3 times per card? You can still get more cards if you ask the SA there (can someone confirm?)
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  20. chocodisco

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    Please tell me what's in those NEW GIRL bags!!
    I'm a HUGE fan of Zooey Deschanel =P

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