metrotown lululemon

Discussion in 'Apparel & Shopping' started by michelle_xo, Apr 21, 2006.

  1. michelle_xo

    michelle_xo Full Member

    they always have an excellent service at the metrotown lululemon. its probably because there product is more expansive than normal clothes or something. but anywayz, i like to shop there:p
  2. pandalover

    pandalover Ultimate Deal Queen

    i agree:)
    I like to shop there too:p
  3. sonia7

    sonia7 Full Member

    i really love the atomsphere and thart cute waterfall in the front hehe, everythig is so rustic-y looking:)
  4. live_love_laugh

    live_love_laugh New Member

    i like to shop at lululemon too :lol:
  5. phatfreak

    phatfreak Full Member

    haha their manicans on display outside are sometimes kinda bizarre..
    lol I\'ve never actually bought clothes from
    lulu. but i\'ve seen some of their sweaters. they look pretty
    nice and really warm with the fleece lined on the
    inside. I was just wondering if it would be good for like fall/winter wear?
  6. pandalover

    pandalover Ultimate Deal Queen

    phatfreak wrote:
    During the winter, I\'m always really cold, so I bought the Scuba Lulu Hoodie to see if it would keep me warm. For me, it is sooo warm. At first i thought it was pretty expensive ($86)because afterall its only a hoodie. But so far it\'s been great. The quality and everything. It\'s great because no matter how many times you wash it, it won\'t shrink and the sleeves are longer (which i think that\'s for warmth).

    Hope this helps :p

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  7. phatfreak

    phatfreak Full Member

    yeah, I was wondering about the price too, but if its a good
    deal then i think i'll go get myself one:laughing:
  8. ko0ty

    ko0ty Elite Member

    I think the downtown location is excellent too... and the girls there are so nice unlike some of the stuck-up and snobby ones you see at other stores.
  9. honeyxo

    honeyxo Full Member

    I really like Lululemon too, the atmosphere and everything is so nice inside! I love all their's so colourful and everything. However, if I go on the weekend....there seems to be TONS of people there, with line-ups until the back of the store:blink:
  10. cloudS

    cloudS Full Member

    I agree, I like shopping there a lot. The people in there are always extremely nice and helpful. I also like that there is a 360 degree mirror in the change rooms and that they do hemming for free.
  11. pandalover

    pandalover Ultimate Deal Queen

    Yup, I agree. I love it!!:p
  12. OllieKat

    OllieKat New Member

    Luv lululemon but sometimes their staff is a little too happy....
  13. destinyT

    destinyT Full Member

    I like to shop there too!! Their clothes are so comfy! Does anyone know if they are still having a mini sale? Is there like a certain amount that you have to purchase before you get the tote bag?
  14. 1enigma

    1enigma Full Member

    I recently purchased a lululemon gym bag from the metrotown lululemon and one of the salesgirl was so friendly. I asked her for other colors and she explained to me how fast their products go and asked if I wanted to leave my name/number with them so they can call me if a new shipment arrives. I was blown away by the extremely good service. That bag was well worth it.
  15. fruitylicious

    fruitylicious Full Member

    yea..because it's yoga's perfect that they provide such a relaxing and friendly atmosphere to shop makes the customer want to go back for more!
  16. tiger16

    tiger16 New Member

    i think that the sales people at lululemon stores are quite friendly.

    every location i've been to like w4th, metro, robson, and oakridge have very approachable staff.

    they're always willing to help out.
  17. 1sw-eetxhunny

    1sw-eetxhunny Full Member

    yeah they are really nice.. always welcoming you and everything haha =D
  18. sweetcherry

    sweetcherry Full Member

    I've had nothing but good experiences going to Lululemon. They are such style innovators!
  19. pynkguurl

    pynkguurl Full Member

    YA!! i know.. lululemon is like so comfy and such good quality!! the scuba hoodie is like the besstt!!
  20. vivelle90

    vivelle90 Full Member

    agreed, i love how they are just as nice even if you dont buy anything

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