Discussion in 'Food & Restaurants' started by HarajukuLover, Mar 25, 2006.

  1. HarajukuLover

    HarajukuLover Full Member

    We went to Denny\'s after clubbin to sober up lolz. And I gotta say that they make wicked chocolate milkshakes!!! TRY ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:woohoo: :p :laugh: :dance: :lol: :woohoo: :p :laugh: :dance: :lol: :woohoo: :laugh: :p :dance: :woohoo:
  2. Rachel

    Rachel Full Member

    Earls makes some wicked milkshakes from what I remember... and I use to always order a raspberry milkshake. mmmmm...
  3. canido

    canido Full Member

    I remember whitespot milkshakes...vanilla..YUMZZ. they are awesome.
  4. pattypus

    pattypus Full Member

    Whitespot milkshakes are THE best!!!! I love them! Yum, chocolate! B)
  5. Sales! Sales! Sales!

    Sales! Sales! Sales! Full Member

    o ur too much bk151 heheheheheheeee
  6. Sales! Sales! Sales!

    Sales! Sales! Sales! Full Member

    A tall glass of choco milkshake would wash down my Timbits really well. Snap!
  7. sweettooshie

    sweettooshie Full Member

    oooh.. whitespot milkshakes for sure.. yum yum and it\'s big enough for two ppl
  8. MBslr

    MBslr Full Member

    I agree that White Spot does make one of the best shakes in Van;)
  9. Friendster

    Friendster Full Member

  10. pandalover

    pandalover Ultimate Deal Queen

    i have to agree with you guys... white spot\'s milk shakes are the BEST
  11. vivelle90

    vivelle90 Full Member

    mmmmmm, they\'re not really milkshakes but the \"blasts\" at baskin robbins are amazing
  12. Viv1985

    Viv1985 Full Member

    What flavor is blasts?
  13. vivelle90

    vivelle90 Full Member

    they have 3 different kinds, chocolate, mocha and cuppucino i think
  14. Sales! Sales! Sales!

    Sales! Sales! Sales! Full Member

    Oh I just simply looooooooooooooooove Oreo cookies n\' cream milkshakes! Devine!!! :p
  15. Viv1985

    Viv1985 Full Member

    Milkshake is fat but I like Breyers brand fruit sherbet. The box have 3 flavors: razberry,lime and orange. Made with real fruit juice too! And low in calory!!! oh my god taste so good!
  16. mimoo

    mimoo Full Member

    ooooOOo, if yooh guys like milkshakes, yooh guys should try mango madness from orange julius. yesh, even though this isn\'t a milkshake, its soooOOo goood; its a fruit smoothie:laugh: give it a try sometime!!
  17. canido

    canido Full Member

    or some bbt might cure the MILKSHAKE craving. Have any of you guys tried Avocado Milkshake? it\'s soooo good, to die for..some creamy.
  18. Viv1985

    Viv1985 Full Member

    What is BBT?
  19. vivelle90

    vivelle90 Full Member

    bbt is bubble tea:p
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