Mimosa at Lougheed Town Centre

Discussion in 'Apparel & Shopping' started by jadore_dior, Jan 3, 2006.

  1. jadore_dior

    jadore_dior Full Member

    The girls at the Mimosa in Lougheed Mall are really nice and super helpful. I purchased something there a while ago and the girl told me that if the rhinstones fall out they can fix it.. well i went there maybe 3 weeks ago because I purchased something and the rhinestones were falling out and forgot my recepit and the girl was really nice about it and they fixed it for me !!
  2. Theuglyduckling

    Theuglyduckling New Member

    they have a sale going on at mimosa its a buy one get one free sale. i don\'t know how long it\'s lasting though.
  3. fruitylicious

    fruitylicious Full Member

    i don't shop at lougheed..but i had a similar experience at the one on robson..
  4. eshen02

    eshen02 Full Member

    haha yeaa, they actually do that for all their products ;) usually its within 1 month though so yea your 3 weeks was safe =) ~~

    it is pretty nice of them though :)
  5. VyNguyen

    VyNguyen Full Member

    YEpp, i brought back my necklace and bracelet and they glued back the rhinestones haha it's actually no matter how long u've purchase those items, they'll still fix it for u. mine was finish within a week at robson!
  6. s3nsational

    s3nsational Full Member

    haha I think all the girls who work at Mimosa ( no matter at which location) are really nice. well, iono, I've been to atleast 3? and all of them are nice =))
  7. ritika

    ritika Mallvibes Member

    Ahh the girls at Lougheed and Robson are great.
    The one at metro though is lazy.
    She refused to get this one thing out of the display case her excuse being I don't have the keys to the display.
    Considering she had it open infront of me for the lady before me.
    Haha, and the odd thing was i still bought jewelry from there.
    But no doubt the Lougheed location is a lot better.
    Actually probably the best.
  8. tapthatass

    tapthatass Full Member

    just letting you guys know what you NEVER need a reciept to replace rhinestones. even if they BS and say you do, you don't. and even if they say its 'only for a year' its not.

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