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  1. fro

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    i have to say this..DON\'T GO TO BW2!! i hate that place so much now i use to buy so much shit from there and all there stuff turns black after a while wearing in the shower...GO TO MIMOSA...its wayyyyyyyy better and the staff is nicer and they let u return things or repair them if they damage unlike bw2 where the girl told me she couldnt do anything i would have to go and clean it myself..the ones at mimosa dont change colour either even in water they guarantee it on certain items!...prices at mimosa are much cheaper as well..same belly rings that are 80$ at bw2 are 40$ at mimosa...go there!!:woohoo:
  2. canido

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    I totally agree with you there. BW2 stuff are usually made in china/hong kong, thus the lack of quality. When i went to HK, i saw a bunch of exactly the same kind of jewellary there for a MUCH MUCH cheaper price. i don\'t know much about mimosa but I feel as though their stuff are better and it doens\'t break as easily. But yeah, even if mimosa was more expensive...i\'d rather go there than bw2 for better service, good service goes a LOOOONG way.
  3. fro

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    yah i dont mean to bash ne one but this one girl at the bw2 in rmd center just omg i wana slap her..hah..she luks at u like she doesnt even care wut your saying..i also bought that cleaning cloth from them and trust me its not as good as they say my earrings did not clean to the way they use to be! staff at mimosa at lansdowne (in richmond) even agreed that bw2 tends to make false statements bout their jewellry and dont care wut happens to it...itsa wonder how they got to be so popular...i guess cuz they were one of the first ones to get the \"bling\" jewellry very mainstream..i think mimosa has been around longer tho..hmm:blink:

    btw canido you shud buy a whole bunch wen u go to HK and start your own lil business here ..haha no kidding you\'d make alota money buy sellin it cheaper then the malls!
  4. kaori

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    The service at Mimosa in Lougheed mall is really good. There\'s one girl there that is super nice. I\'ve been to the BW2 and I was the only person there and the girl didn\'t even look up from what she was doing.:dry:

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