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  1. xx.noesamor

    xx.noesamor Full Member

    Information erased by request
  2. Friendster

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    Who\'s gonna be going to this fashion show? $10 is kinda high-priced for a highschool fashion show isn\'t it?
  3. xx.noesamor

    xx.noesamor Full Member

    That\'s what I thought before but I don\'t know o-o;. Last year it was pretty cool when the latin dancers come out though..
  4. sweettooshie

    sweettooshie Full Member

    ... i\'ll tag along. RICHMOND HIGH SCHOOL is having their fashion show APRIL 30th @ 7pm for $7 woohoo! the theme is \"Spring Around the World\"

    hehe i\'m alumnae (feminine singular of alumni.. cool fact) ... GO COLTS!
  5. pandalover

    pandalover Ultimate Deal Queen

    I went to the fashion show last thursday and it was really good. I really liked some of the designs but some of them were really repetitive.

    There were some cha cha dancers but i thought they could have done soo much better. The guy who did the chinese folk dance was pretty good. I didn\'t like the girl who did the chopstick and fan dance though.

    Near the end of the show, it started to become really stuffy and smelled soo bad. :sick:

    For some reason, this year\'s fashion show went by really fast, last year\'s seemed like it dragged on and on.
  6. Fo Shizzle Ma Nizzle

    Fo Shizzle Ma Nizzle Full Member

    crowded auditorium + no air con = contaminated smelly germy air :sick:
  7. xx.noesamor

    xx.noesamor Full Member

    Yeah..That\'s because Sarah (Last year\'s dancer) She was the Canadian Champion, but she couldn\'t come this year so we got another girl to dance. It went on really fast because we had no intermissions. That\'s because this year we had absolutely TOO many designers. Last year was like... 5 and 6. This year we had 15. We couldn\'t put intermissions in so that people could movie around and open the auditorium door to let some air in. Also, if we did, people would try to sneak in, last year a lot people did. =.=; So yeah. Sorry about that. Yeah, last year I was the one that\'s watching and it just wouldn\'t end o-o;! Well, at least I felt like it just wouldn\'t end. But I gotta admit, I liked this year\'s corset routine more. They danced, last year they just walked around.
  8. pandalover

    pandalover Ultimate Deal Queen

    o, icic.

    I liked the corsets too :)
  9. pandalover

    pandalover Ultimate Deal Queen

    o, icic.

    I liked the corsets too :)

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