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Discussion in 'Hair/Nails' started by Pinkcaviar, Apr 15, 2010.

  1. Pinkcaviar

    Pinkcaviar Full Member

    Hey Girls,

    Would anyone be interested in swapping nail polish?
    As girls, you probably know that we never finish a good bottle of nail polish and we get bored with the colors easily.

    I use to do these with friends until we've pretty much traded everything we've wanted.

    It's not icky because when you go to nail salons for a mani or pedi, they reuse the same bottle on different people anyways.

    Basically, we could do a few rules like good brands only like OPI, China Glaze, Essie, Chanel and etc.
    At least 90% full. And state how long you've had the polishes! Thus, we could list out all the polishes we don't want and see if people have something in common.

    We could then meet on our own time and swap it all out or mail it.

    Anyone interested? =)
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  2. shiningb3b3

    shiningb3b3 Full Member

    Yes, I'd be interested!

    I have a few OPI polishes that I recently bought from another MUA'er, but the colour didn't turn out as much as I'd like it to.

    I am up to meet up and swap.

    I am looking for bright pinks right now.
  3. redgingersnap

    redgingersnap Full Member

    I'm also up for meeting up to swap!
  4. ticktock

    ticktock Full Member

    I'm interested!
    I have a few OPI's and Nicole by OPI & some nail envy products I barely use.
  5. thischiq

    thischiq Full Member

    take pictures of the bottle and do a swatch (or look for one online)
  6. shortylim

    shortylim Full Member

    OMG! i love this idea, im up for swaps too !
    i have lots of OPI and ANNA SIU nail polishesss im interesting in swapping.
  7. blair

    blair Elite Member

    I'm interested too! Should we start listing the ones we have?
  8. strawbErry

    strawbErry Full Member

    im interested! :)
  9. yellow_string

    yellow_string Full Member

    Oooh, cool idea! Can't wait to see what you girls have
  10. Pinkcaviar

    Pinkcaviar Full Member

    Yay, there's interest!

    YES, we should start listing them out!

    I need to finish a paper due tonight and I'll be back. I'll take pictures of my polishes and create a list soon!
  11. Pinkcaviar

    Pinkcaviar Full Member

    My List of Swaps


    Orly Wandering Vine - Brand New
    OPI Lapaz-itively Hot - Matte
    OPI We'll Always Have Paris - Suede
    OPI Russian Navy - Suede
    OPI Do You Lilac It?


    OPI Recycle
    China Glaze Emerald Sparkle
    OPI Text Me - Text You
    China Glaze QT
    OPI Nicole Black to the Future
    OPI Creme of Crete

    They've been used mostly 1 - 4 times. Post your list for swaps if you see something you like! =)
  12. strawbErry

    strawbErry Full Member

    omg pink caviar! i would like to swap with you for do you lilac it! ill post my list later tonight? :) i cant wait to see the other's collection
  13. ShootingStarz``

    ShootingStarz`` Full Member

    hm, i may be interested.
    I don't have much OPI/China Glaze, a few, but there's some colors I loved when I wanted to get them, but don't love as much now that I own it.
    I'll post some that I'm willing to let go of providing there's something I like!
  14. blair

    blair Elite Member

    All of these are less than a year old (from date of purchase).


    from left to right:
    1. Dating A Royal [used 1x]
    2. Gargantuan Green Grape [used 2x]
    3. Barefoot In Barecelona [used 1x]
    4. Shorts Story [used 4x]
    5. Sephora Metro Chic - matte [never used]


    from left to right:
    1. Chanel Splendeur [used 3x]
    2. Chanel English Rose [used 3x]
    3. Dior Addict Positive Red [used 2x]
    4. Sally Hansen Petal Pusher [used 2x]
    - not sure if this qualifies as a good brand...
  15. ticktock

    ticktock Full Member

    Will Post up pix later:

    A oui bit red
    louvre me lourvre me not
    Nail Envy

    Nicole by OPI
    Razzle dazzle

    i'll add other ones tomorrow
  16. Pinkcaviar

    Pinkcaviar Full Member

    Sure! Would be happy to swap away Lilac It! I don't use these colors anymore! =) Look forward to your list!
  17. ShootingStarz``

    ShootingStarz`` Full Member

    From Left to Right: (all used max 2 or 3 times)
    OPI - No Spain No Gain
    OPI - Miami Beet
    OPI - Shorts Story
    I only want to get rid of one between no spain no gain and miami beet since they're pretty similar, NSNG has more purple in it whereas MB is more red. Can't decide which one I like more yet, so if somebody likes one of between the two, my thoughts could possibly be swinged in their favor.

    And friend wants to get rid of some too:
    From Left to Right:
    OPI - My Private Jet - used 4x
    OPI - An Affair in Red Square - used 1x on new years
    OPI - Alpine Snow - used 1x

    Nail Sparkles & Stickers up for grabs too if anybody's interested...
    colors for sparkles: green, bronze tiger, orange, and orange&white mix.
  18. moomingstarz

    moomingstarz Full Member

    OMG! you have russian navvy! would you be willing to trade it for suzi skis in the pyrenees? it's a dark greyish black colour, non shimmery. i used it once and realized i like sparkly things LOL
  19. shortylim

    shortylim Full Member

    Here is my swap list:

    Anna Sui - Sparkly Orange
    Anna Sui - Light Sparkly Blue
    Anna Sui - Silver

    OPI - That's All Bright With Me
    OPI - Sweet Heart
    OPI - Tutti Frutti Tonga
    OPI - Windy City Pretty

    Sally Hansen - Light Pink
    Ardene - Pink
    Ardene - Purple
    Ardene - Gold

    Pinkcaviar i'm interested in your OPI Lapaz-itively Hot, OPI We'll Always Have Paris, OPI Russian Navy and OPI Creme of Crete.

    levint i'm interested in your Sephora Metro Chic

    ShootingStarz`` i'm interested in your OPI - An Affair in Red Square and OPI - Alpine Snow

    if you guys are interested in swapping, email me @ :)

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  20. strawbErry

    strawbErry Full Member

    sorry guys my cam went pyscho and i lost my phone so no pics ..

    Pinking of you
    Italian love affair
    Coney Island Cotton Candy
    Suzi Sells Sushi by the Seashore
    A oui bit of red
    You're a pisa work
    Barefoot in barcelona
    Russian navy
    Lincoln park after dark
    Miami Beet
    Manicurist of seville
    Moon over mumbai

    Mini bottle of 3-Way Glaze
    Mini bottle of Cool Click

    China Glaze

    all these are either more than 90% full or never used :)

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