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  1. natpell

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    Whast a really cheap place to get fake nails????

    please help mee!!!!

    also is gel better then acrylic?
    whats the diffrence?
  2. fro

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    hey natpell

    well i was a committed nail doer for 2 yrs soooo....this is what i have to say\'

    if ur lukin for long lasting go with acrylic...they dont break as much and are thinner in depth when luked at closely and will grow out wiht ur nail so that soon the fake attachement will not be there no more just the hard stuff on for gel ive had those done not as much but i liked them because they actually form them onto the tip of ur nail and then it hardens..its pretti kool lol...but it does break easier the good side to gel is that it luks alot more natural then acrylic..and i like the natural nail luk if u want them to luk more done up fancy acrylic is better...but basically the process is the same jus diff material...and airbrushing works on both to get ur desired white tip...but beware that with acrylic if u have weak nails and decide to get them taken of they will have big lukin wholes in them..nuthin bad but luks a lil funni till they grow out...and make sure that the lady cuts and cleans all the gunk in ur nail bed if u guna get them retouched and keep them up when they grow out..otherwise it will show thru the nail bed and luk kinda gross..or u cud also get what i did alot..which is half gel half acrylic ..which means the acrylic nail part is added on but the coating on top is gel..they luk alot thicker personally dunt have preference but i hope that helps u in deciding

    and as for say spirit nails or specialty $25-35..depends where u live too..dont go sumwhere real chep theyll fall of withhin a week :)
  3. NailArtRitzzz

    NailArtRitzzz Banned

    Acrylic nails are harder than gel nails in general, but I like gel nails more because they give a more transparent/shiny surface which looks much more natural. Asia is already very advanced in Nail Art and they normally use a combination of both technology to create the nail art that you want. I mean, as long as the nail polish they use that touches your nail is good stuff, who cares if they put crappy/cheap crystal beads on top of your nails. In addition, for both types of nails, you could have them removed easily. I heard there's people who do nail arts at home for people, maybe you could ask around to see if anyone knows of any connections.

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