Next Warehouse Sale.. When?

Discussion in 'Sales, Coupons & Finds' started by tjeng, Apr 14, 2006.

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  1. tjeng

    tjeng Full Member

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    the Dohrina warehouse sales! i\'ve never been, but for those who have gone before, was it good????
  2. minami_oo

    minami_oo Full Member

    it was okay i guess, the first one better than the second
    and don\'t worry about appts. it\'s just there so the place won\'t be so crowded
  3. CANDY

    CANDY Moderator Staff Member

    minami_oo wrote:
    now you have to make appts. last time they wouldnt let us in without it. and now they have bag check and shit.
  4. wishfull

    wishfull New Member

    how far in advance do you have to make an appointment?
    Is the items in stock and the prices really worth the hassel?
  5. CANDY

    CANDY Moderator Staff Member

    wishfull wrote:
    like 1-2 days ahead. the tanks are 15$. belts are 5$ i think. jeans are like $15-45. binkini are 45$ for both. hats are $25.
  6. JennieWuvsYou

    JennieWuvsYou New Member

    what do you mean by the prices for jeans going from 15-45$? which ones cost 45$ and which ones cost 15$? :D

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  7. mimoo

    mimoo Full Member

    Wells the capris are ranged from 15-25 depending on the style. The jeans that cost 45 are the usual ones that you see in stores; the ones with no pocket and etc. the ones that are at lesser value are rather ones that yooh dont see often. You have to make an appoinment the day before; or else you have to wait till its actually not that crowded before they let you in. i was ther 1/2 hour early and it wasnt that crowded so they let me and my friend in. they have bag checks so that you cant steal any thing. i think that the prices are worth it. the capris are realli cheap and the regular jeans are too. they have stock there too. like i wanted this pair of jeans which no longer were sold in store and when i got there; instead of paying like 90something i got them for 35. its really cheap so if you guys liek dorinha\'s; go check it out.
  8. vivelle90

    vivelle90 Full Member

    ive been to a warehouse sale before, the place is really small and they have alot of styles and sizes. Theres usually a long line up to try on the jeans though, theres really good prices. :p definately worth the trip
  9. xoxjuicy

    xoxjuicy Full Member

    I\'ve gone twice before and they were pretty good.
    Jeans were $15-$45, belts were $5, bikinis $45, Tops were like $10 (T-shirts and tanks), and skirts were 2 for $15
    Its really small there, but they have lots of sizes and styles available
    You do have to make an appointment, but the first one i went to, they didnt even check, but the second one, they did check.
    Its usually pretty crowded.
    You can even meet Dorinha herself! I met her and got her autograph; she is really nice
  10. Alexandra

    Alexandra New Member


    I called today to make the appointment for my daugther and they told me that finally in this warehouse sale they are going to have the Camo pants and the Militar pants!:) :)
    See you there
  11. Bright Ideas

    Bright Ideas Full Member

    Which retail stores in the malls carry the Dorinha brand?
  12. pandalover

    pandalover Ultimate Deal Queen

    I think bootlegger, below the belt, and off the wall carries the dorinha brand.

    Hope this helps :p
  13. pandalover

    pandalover Ultimate Deal Queen

    Also you can go here:

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    1) Click enter HTML
    2) Click Store Locations
    3) Click on any store that says BC
    4) When you click it, they will tell you the address
  14. Silvia

    Silvia New Member

    Hey everybody guess what? one of the volunteers said that in this Warehouse Sale Dorinha is having ACCESORIES!!!!!!! This one is going to be a really good one. Don\'t miss it. Great prices, yes confirmed the camos on sale!!!!
  15. AnimeDiva

    AnimeDiva New Member

    :laugh: I just made an appointment for the warehouse sale. hehehe. And the sales clerk told me that its cash only. Hmmmmm!!! that means I can\'t buy much unless I bring lots of cash:lol:

    Hey you know they should have their Warehouse Sale at PNE like Guess, Mexx, Levis, etc. It would be so much easier, no appointmentsB), just walk on in.
  16. michelle_xo

    michelle_xo Full Member

    hey guys, this may sound stupid but please help me! how do you make the appointment, over bu the phone or can be online services... i never been to that dorinha warehouse sale before... i missed it last year.
  17. Lulu_Lover12

    Lulu_Lover12 New Member

    IT WAS AWESOME!~! i wud definitely go there if u love dorinhas.;)
  18. CANDY

    CANDY Moderator Staff Member

    by phone. heres their number 604) 218-2770. call them from 9:00am to 5:30pm on monday to friday. you could also make an appointment at their warehouse.
  19. moufafa

    moufafa Full Member

    i work for dorinha jeans wear and you dont always have to make an appointment a few days before you can call the day of and u can get in
  20. michelle_xo

    michelle_xo Full Member

    xcandiceyue wrote:
    thanks for the informaion. i\'m gonna make a call on monday...:)
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