notarized letter for crossing the border?

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  1. tran7084

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    does anyone know what the age is for a child who is crossing the border without their parent and without a notarized letter? does she need her passport or is a birth certificate ok? we're going across to seattle for the long weekend and i think $60 is abit steep for a notarized letter. she's 13 years old. thanks!
  2. eeeva

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    i think she should have one just in case. for school trips, we always need them, regardless of age. i think only air travel requires a passport.
  3. tiny t

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    u dont have to get the letter nortarized just make sure you but like the parent's passport number or BCDL number so that it makes it official. Oh and just try to incl the dates of travel and who will be taking responsibility. But make sure she goes with it to avoid the extra drama
  4. BUNT

    BUNT Full Member

    until they are 18 and considerd an adult they need a letter to cross the US border if not accompanied by both parents or one parent

    i don't think it has to be notarized but it could help

    you also need two pieces of id to cross the border or one passport

    acceptible id is drivers license, birth certificate
  5. cassadiva

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    I have done some research and found that children need a passport and notarized letter (if traveling by air) until the age of 16. At the age of 16, they fill out an adult passport and no longer need the notarized letter. If traveling by land or water, a passport is not required til June or July/09 but a notarized letter is always required when traveling without one or both parents.

    Info needed for notarized letter is: contact info of parent staying behind
    Name /full address/telephone-home,work,cell

    Child's information: Name/date of birth/(passport #)
    City traveling to/country traveling to
    departure date/return date/reason for travel

    Accompanying parent's info: Name of parent(or other if not parent)
    Relationship to child
    Passport #
  6. glamourbebe

    glamourbebe Full Member

    i don't know how strict they are about the rules and regulations but my daughter has never been asked for a notorized letter. she has gone cross border shopping with her cousin and uses her passport. i've written letters of consent just in case but they've never been used.
  7. karebear

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    same with the above kinda,
    when i was grade7 ish, i went across the border with my frd, her mom and her mom's friend and they didnt ask for anything. it was like three different last names in the same car and they didnt make a deal out of it.
  8. BUNT

    BUNT Full Member

    yeah it depends who you get

    its more to make sure the adult you are with is not kidnapping you - or the kid is in a custody situation - its to protect the kid not make it harder for them
  9. emcee

    emcee Full Member

    Yeah, when I was younger (14-16) and I went on a few trips across the border (multi-day trips) with a friend of mine, I always had a letter from my parents saying that I had their permission to travel across the border with my friend's mom but it was never notarized. The letters always had both my parents' signatures, where I was long I was going and who I was going with...and my parents' contacts just in case.

    But the rules might have changed since then...

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