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    Pole position

    Pink has requested a stripper pole be installed in her dressing room, so she can give her husband a private dance before her live performances, reports

    The singer is in London promoting her latest album, I\'m Not Dead, and is providing her husband, Carey Hart, with a private show of his own before she goes onstage. Pink, whose real name is Alecia Moore, has reportedly been taking pole dancing lessons from professional strippers. She will be performing at the British capital\'s Dingwalls club and has even flown in four strippers from her favourite club in Los Angeles to join her onstage. The celebrity couple have booked in at the posh Sanderson Hotel for their three-day stay in London. In addition to the stripper pole, Pink also has made some tamer requests, including tea and scented candles.


    Jase\'s Final Thoughts: Seeing Pink pole dancing is definitely not my idea of eye candy
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    pole dancing doesn\'t have to include stripping.....

    and if it\'s something that she wants to do before a show to get her adrenaline up, then so be it

    pole dancing/strip tease is no longer so TABOO as it used to be
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    OH yeah i saw that on the newspaper too!! haah i was like hMMmmM:blink: but yeah i guess now adays ppl dont have to strip inorder to pole dance=)

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