Portable MP3 players.. what do you have?

Discussion in 'Mobile/Electronics' started by xsalesjunkiex, Mar 24, 2006.

  1. xsalesjunkiex

    xsalesjunkiex Full Member

    Hey everyone!

    Do you have an MP3 player? If so, what do you like about it? i think i\'ll be looking for one soon because mine is only 128MB and it\'s old.

    mine looks a lot like this one:


  2. bk151@hotmail.com

    bk151@hotmail.com Full Member

    Mine is prolly one of the oldest mp3 players that came to the north american market lol

    its a samsung YP-T5H and its 128mb but literally its this big and it has radio and voice record and even 7 colour changing LCD background OOOoooOOO ... its a piece of crap now but it was the best before!!

    | |
    | |

    At one point this in feb i had 15 ipods - but i sold them all and made quite a bit of money
    Now i am going to tour asia this summer and going to buy a Samsung YP-D1 @ korea
    It is prolly one the best mp3 player in the world out now
    - 2.0 megapixel camera
    - sound engine
    - WOW and SRS technology
    - crazy earbuds
    - nice design
    - plays video
    - games
    - 4 gigs i think? maybe 2 not sure
    - fm radio
    - fm radio record
    - jpeg feature
    - remixing pictures with different variations
    - voice record
    - smaller than ipod mini and cheaper
  3. canido

    canido Full Member

    Omg ryan, i had the SAME one but unfortunately i broke it soon after getting it. >< (not because of the mp3 ..but because of my stupidness):blush:

    but yeah..right now i have a 1G SCANDISK mp3 player which is not bad, it holds 400 songs.

    Or if i need something more, i just use my PSP to listen and watch the music videos. heheheh.

    I swear..PSP is the greatest invention ever, i can go surf the web, play games, watch movies, watch music videos, listen to music, store songs..and yeah...it is everything into one. i LOVEE my psp. ahahhaha
  4. xsalesjunkiex

    xsalesjunkiex Full Member

    thanks for all your responses.. candio.. i don\'t think i\'d wanna get a PSP.. that thing is too big if i wanna take it to the gym or go for a jog :cheer: .. but i can see why u like it!

    bk151.. keep us updated if you end up getting something.. when you say 4 gig, you mean it\'s an internal hard drive right?

    my ideal mp3 player would not be a hard drive.. i like ones with flash memory cause they\'re a lot smaller and i like the fact that there\'s no moving parts... i would also prefer that it use a AAA battery instead of a proprietary battery, making the power supply cheaper and easier to replace :side:
  5. taremi

    taremi Full Member

    i have the sony one!
    its NW-E507 in pink! (cuz i love pink so much! lol)
    mine is the older version without the FM tuner.

    i really like it because:
    1)its very portable
    2)holds just about enough songs for me- 1GB is more than enough for me
    3)one battery charge lasts you 50 whoppin\' hours! i barely ever charge it.
    4)3 minute battery charge lasts you 3 hours!
    5)looks nice too!! i like the screen part <3

    so here is my top 5 reasons why i got this particular one.
    i also picked this one because i didnt want an ipod... i havent heard good things about it.
    and the battery life is apparently extremely poor on pretty much every ipod series.
    none would last 50 hours! woo hoo

    [img size=180]http://www.mallhours.com/vancouvermalls/components/com_simpleboard/uploaded/images/NWE507.jpg[/img]

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  6. xsalesjunkiex

    xsalesjunkiex Full Member

    sweet.. thanks taremi..i was sorta thinking about the sony (minus the pink of course ;))

    but i\'m glad someone agrees that ipods aren\'t the greatest :laugh:
  7. mimoo

    mimoo Full Member

    Ipods arent that great? realli, ive never heard much about them, always thought they were great or something bc they were just so thin=)
  8. bk151@hotmail.com

    bk151@hotmail.com Full Member

    ryan the 4 gig is actually flash -_-;;
    i have the YP-T5H rite now lol its so small

    ipods are terrible in imo -_-;;

    1) everybody has one
    2) u gotta replace the battery after 1-3 years (costs a lot)
    3) the optional accessories are totally overpriced
    4) lots of sony/samsung/creative mp3 players have fm and voice record as standard and many other features but the ipod don\'t have that
    5) this is personal preferance but i don\'t like the click wheel

    ryan if u are thinking about getting an mp3 player u should consider a \"high-end cellular phone\" with full mp3 capabilites --> i like the sony ericcson W600 my friend has it is pretty good imo (digicam + mp3 player + fone) good sound quality as well
  9. Katie

    Katie Full Member

    ipods are amazing

    all mac products are reliable, and easy to use.
    i could never go back to anything else.

    and when you mentioned the battery replacement every 3 years or whatnot, thats not so bad, thinkg about it. your changing the batteries of your sony (etc) mp3\'s a few times or more per/year so in the end it adds up to about the same price. and usually by 3 years you\'ll wantto get a new mp3 player anyways, because the shuffle/video/nano will be soooo old :p haha.
  10. xsalesjunkiex

    xsalesjunkiex Full Member

    bk151.. wow... when it comes to mp3 players me and u think alike.

    4 gigs of flash memory is awesome.. i wonder what the access speeds are like.

    also, fm and voice record features are a definite plus for me.... u got me all interested now =) btw, i won\'t get a cell phone cause i like them simple.. plus i plan to take the mp3 player with me to the gym when i work out.

    so the only thing is.. what battery does the samsung use? if it uses AAA batteries that would be sweet!!

    (i also feel the drawback of the ipod is that the battery only lasts about 1.5 years, then you gotta pay to replace it)
  11. bk151@hotmail.com

    bk151@hotmail.com Full Member

    --> creative makes sum decent mp3 players as well
    --> most samsung mp3 players use AAA
    --> check out the Samsung YP-D1 [u\'ll like it ]
    --> but when it hits north american markets im sure it\'ll be overpriced -_-;
    --> its actually 2 gigs my bad [i got confused with a similar model]

    I have a very very old mp3 player rite now YP-T5H lol i bought it when mp3 players just started replacing CD players .. it was like $250 now its like 40 bux prolly.. i used it for like ?? 3-4 years now i think lol SOLID QUALITY.

    How i saved money on my mp3 player AAA battery:
    I bought a two pack of Nickel-Metal Hydrate battery @ sony store (STAMINA line used for highdrain/digicams)
    And the charger i already had before for my digicam and i just recharge one and use one and its a cycle.
    note: the STAMINA sony batteries are like 5 bux each

    even with the charger (40 bux?) + batteries (10bux)
    = i get 12+ battery life on mine and no need for replacement which costs (99 bux including installation)

    all in my humble opinion of course :p
  12. eklizard

    eklizard Full Member

    I used to have a really old MP3 player - a RIO but since it could only hold about 30 minutes of music, I never used it much. I had an ipod for a short while, hated it because it was way too complicated for me who just wanted to play and listen to music. Too many menus and stuff to scroll through. I just got an ipod shuffle and LOVE IT! It\'s very simple, like a flash disk and you can play in order of shuffle. (however you can\'t see the names of the songs). And the shuffle charges in the USB port apparently.

    I\'ve only had a week so far but did I say this yet, I LOVE IT!. It\'s works for me. I just organize my songs in iTune so know where and what I want to skip to.

    Also, should have a USB 2.0 port as makes the download/transfer quicker.
  13. UBooboo

    UBooboo Full Member

    I just saw online at TigerDirect.ca that there\'s a really good deal with ScanDisk mp3 players. It has 2GB with FM tuner and voice recorder all for $130!! Too good to be true?

    If not this one, can anyone suggest another model with the same traits? Thanks!
  14. mikhalt

    mikhalt Member

    hi there

    I used to have the first rio .mp3 model then it broke, then I got a RCA lyra which I gave up, then I have now my cel phone v300 which plays .mp3\'s, then this media device for my videos called a Vito from HK 14 in 1 device, then I have a sony mini mp3 player.

    I love music and media what do you except:)

  15. eshen

    eshen Full Member

    which is better an ipod nano or a mp3 player...?

    i was think of getting an ipod nano but after reading your entries, its kinda changing my mind into getting a mp3 player...
  16. princessice

    princessice Full Member

    i soo agree eshen!

    it has been my experience that ppl either hate the nano or love it.........

    and im stuck trying to decide which group im in -.-

    how does everyone feel about samsung mp3 players? can anyone tell me the difference between a flash player and an mp3? thanks!!
  17. fro

    fro Full Member

    i have a nano and i luv it so far!...other ppl i kno say that it starts to suck after a while the battery or sumthin..but so far mines been good (almost had it for 7months or so?..or well wen i came out i duno ):( ..n e way but the ppl that say this dunt even have one!...so i duno id go with nano but if ur suspicious get a extended warranty :)
  18. pattypus

    pattypus Full Member

    I was gonna get an iPod nano, but then my friends told me that they break really easily. Do they???

    Right now I have a Curtais mp3 player. It\'s super small, and super light.
  19. mimoo

    mimoo Full Member

    the nano does run out of battery quickly, but its still pretty good b.c its rechargable rite? wells, it tends to run out quickly on mines....bc of the backlighting and that clicking sound....it does use a lot of energy. its still good though.
  20. MKcom

    MKcom Full Member

    pattypus wrote:
    The nano will be a lot more fragile than your Curtis. It\'s a much more delicate piece that you have to be careful with, because it\'s so darn thin. If you\'re looking for something more durable, the stick-style ones (likely the same style as your Curtis) is a better bet.

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