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Discussion in 'Apparel & Shopping' started by muffin, Nov 30, 2005.

  1. muffin

    muffin Guest

    what are some presents that guys would like?
    do they like clothes..? electronics? sports stuff...?
    its kind of a special friend too... :dry: its so hard to figure out something good to give! help!
  2. m22

    m22 Guest

    well i read on other forums.. with the same question as you.. and a lot of the responses were to give cologne, shirt, if he\'s the video game typa guy, video games, electronic stuff.

    ...special as in boyfriend?

    well i guess jsut give them something they like.. and put thought into it. and s\'all good
  3. xsalesjunkiex

    xsalesjunkiex Full Member

    wow.. i love this topic.

    i may be on the geeky/sporty side so i don\'t know if your special friend with think the same as me.

    for me at least, i don\'t like receiving clothes as gifts..and i definitely have to disagree with cologne (sorry m22 :p ).... i\'d rather buy that myself.

    I like practical gifts, but especially electronics:

    eg: xbox 360, digital cameras, computer stuff, motorcycle gear, car stuff, mp3 players, hockey equipment...

    honestly i could go on... let me know how old he is an describe a give you better suggestions!!
  4. dior_girl

    dior_girl Guest

    how much are you willing to spend?
  5. Rach

    Rach Guest

    I had to buy a couple of presents for some guys. I\'m a secret santa to one guy, and I got him a nice black button up shirt from Old Navy and a cocktail book because my limit was $25. Club Monaco had some really nice shirts on sale too.. For my boyfriend, I got him a nice watch.. because the one he has now is quite childish. hehe...

    If you\'re on a budget, I would suggest something that goes with alcohol: A-Z cocktail style books, or cocktail shaker, engraved flask.. or clothing accessories: (leather?) gloves and a scarf.. or some books (if you know what he likes)

    Really, it depends on what kind of person he is..
  6. Ruby

    Ruby Guest

    All I know is that my bf doesn\'t like clothes and books and stuff cuz well they get that from family anyways... if its someone special consider what he likes watch what he currently talks about and stuff or else it can be something sentimental such as a teddy bear but i dont know if hes that type of guy so.... listen to what he talks about normally and figure something out.:)
  7. muffin

    muffin Guest

    haha thanks for replying guys.. he is kind of a special friend.. yet i really dont know what he likes... i know he likes sports and i wanna get him a tshirt or something... but hes got a lot already... :dry:
    i dont really have a budget... do guys like to receive clothes?
  8. Ruby

    Ruby Guest

    What sports does he play? Shirt I really don\'t know most often if this guy is still living with family or something they will get clothes from them unless its something he really really really likes then yea get him the shirt. :)
  9. brett

    brett Guest

    guys don\'t like to receive clothes. ... if you want a tip, watch Spike TV !!!!

    ... most guys watch that channel and from the tv commercials, do you ever see a commercial for calvin klein jeans? or cologne? heeeeell no!! we love watching volience, UFC, wreastling, car/police chases, etc... just turn on the tv to that channel and you\'ll get an idea of what guys are into B)
  10. Ruby

    Ruby Guest

    Brett you can\'t say that (all of them hates clothes)for every guy, maybe majority of the guy population but Muffin I think you should get what you want to get him and if he doesnt appriciate it then hes being a jerk no offence. You shouldn\'t think about whether he likes it or hates it. It should just come from the heart. Though consider his taste in things too. Like you wouldnt buy a gothic guy a cute bunny shirt ^-^\"

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