Proteins, Carbs, Fats and Calories

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    weather you\'re trying to gain or lose weight, i found that it is an extremely important to know the difference between proteins, carbs, fats and calories

    check out the link definitely helped me out!

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    Hey Ryan, can you double check your link? It didn\'t work for me when I clicked on it. Said that the server for the URL was unavailable... maybe it was busy?
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    yea the links not working for me either... hey i think we (or atleast i) learned the difference between all 4 in grade 12 bio... must of left my head right after the provincial exam like everything else lol:p
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    i\'m not sure why but there\'s extra spaces in the URL...

    1) go to:
    2) click on diets & nutrition

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  5. uhh i just learned this today
    (this is based on my biology 12 teacher nothing related to me so don\'t hate me if im wrong >_<)

    breakfast: eat pasta/bread/rice = carbs for energy to get u going for the day
    (also think twice before u eat mcdonalds breakfasts.. yeah i know they are pretty good but if u read that book they have NUTRITION FACTS .. check out the daily intake of fats and stuff its amazing .. random fact: u think shrimp has lots of calories? 1 egg McMuffin = 50 cooked shrimp.

    lunch: eat salad/fruits/sandwhich/100% juice = low in fat and sandwhiches have basically all the food groups

    snack: something u want like a chocolate bar cuz ppl are ppl and can\'t live on a strict diet but preferably something with nuts --> e.g snickers bar

    dinner: eat proteins --> fish/lean meats = don\'t go overboard ... y @ nite? --> cuz ur body needs to repair its muscle tissue that u tore during the day and before the sleep is good.

    she told me that carbohydrates before sleep is really bad .. cuz carbs = energy and if u go to sleep.. ur not using that energy u just ate.. and it stores in the form of FAT ..

    note: most asian diets have rice for dinner (but i\'m not fat neither are the ppl i know) i dunno why -_-; i know for a fact i don\'t have fast/high metabolism

    ----- i dunno why i wrote this LOL just wanted to share :dry::whistle: -----------------
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    thanks for that bk151.. i think the key to what you mentioned is having a balance of everything.

    also, i\'d like to mention that it\'s important to \"count calories\"... if you\'re trying to get to a certain weight, you\'ll need to consider how many calories you\'re taking in


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    I never count calories. maybe I should :huh:
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    heres another tip, if you\'re doing a huge workout early in the morning (i.e. the sunrun:p), you should eat alot of complex carbs(whole wheat pasta etc) the night before. no offence, but chinese food in general is very unhealthy, hope nobody is offended by this.
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    u kno.. i really think if u starve your self or count your carbs and all that diet fad stuff. it really makes ur cranky and grumpy. seriously, just eat whatever u want and work out 3 times a week. :unsure
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    bk151 & ryan, you guys were helpful:D

    and yeah, if you go to chinese restaurants, the food there might seem unhealthy cause they tend to over use oil, but if you eat like your parents or you make your own chinese food, it can be healthy and fulling.

    but anyways! not sure if that made sense, i also heard before you eat, maybe 20 minutes before dinner or so, you should drink a cup of milk, add a teaspoon or half a tablespoon of brown sugar, and by the time you're eating dinner, you won't eat as much cuase the brown sugar and milk makes your stomache full or something. not sure, but i lot of models in japan use that and they have nice bodies :)
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    Yes, I totally agree with you about making and eating your own chinese food it can be healthy and filling. It's yummy too :smile:
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    There's more to chinese food than oil and lard. There's also garlic and onions that helps to reduce cholesterol level. A lot of chinese food has garlic or onion in them. It's a neat way to flavour the dish, not too mention control our bad cholesterol.
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    Oops, I'm eating a chocolate buster bar from DQ right now...thx for the link!

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