Discussion in 'Apparel & Shopping' started by michelle_xo, Apr 16, 2006.

  1. michelle_xo

    michelle_xo Full Member

    i\'m just wondering if there is a puma outlet store
  2. amie3

    amie3 Full Member

    there is.. but it\'s down in seattle premium outlet.
    they have awesome sales :)
  3. Cass

    Cass New Member

    there is in us
  4. canido

    canido Full Member

    There is none in Canada but if you go to OFF THE WALL when they have those crazy sales..they usually have puma shirts for $15 or so.

    But yes, you should go to the outlets in the states..coz they are dirt cheap. Where it can sometimes be even cheaper is..in Nordstorm or Bon Macy\'s. (in the clearance rack or even just on sale).

    Oh yeah, they have some puma stuff in Winners too. You just have to ..dig through everything. lolz
  5. CANDY

    CANDY Moderator Staff Member

    theres gonna be a puma warehouse sale at toronto on april 26-29.
  6. vivelle90

    vivelle90 Full Member

    i don\'t like how they don\'t have all the nice styles they have here at the US puma outlet, :(
  7. mz.brunette

    mz.brunette Full Member

    puma is my idool:kiss: :kiss: :kiss: :kiss: :side: :side: :) :) ;) ;) :p :p :kiss: :kiss: :kiss: :kiss:
  8. pattypus

    pattypus Full Member

    I like puma too B)

    there\'s also a place called Changes on 10th...(near Safeway) they have some Puma stuff!
  9. live_love_laugh

    live_love_laugh New Member

    i like puma too but some stuff is expensive
  10. ritika

    ritika Mallvibes Member

    Where are the Outlets?
  11. lolly_pop199

    lolly_pop199 Full Member

    in seattle. its not that far from vancouver.

    10600 Quil Ceda Blvd.
    Tulalip, WA 98271
    (360) 654-3000

    Mon-Sat 10am-9pm, Sun 10am-7pm
  12. nk786

    nk786 Full Member

    the seattle outlets are on the way to seattle past bellingham...they have a lot of other good stores there too.....the puma outlet is pretty good there. last time i went i saw shoes from $29
  13. shopaholic_goddess

    shopaholic_goddess Full Member

    in toronto where i live, they had a puma warehouse sale at this banquet hall last April or so. they sold zip-ups, bags, pants, tanks, shirts, all 20 bucks each. and they had puma accesories which are gonna be on sale this winter all for only 3 dollars. they had nice unisex hats which were 7 bucks each. they also had shoes 70 dollars a pair, keychains, 4 dolars, etc. THey had great deals and i feel like it was worth spending 600 dollars from this puma sale. um yea. .i'll tell you if i know about another one coming up.
  14. s3nsational

    s3nsational Full Member

    I <3 PUMA :laughing:

    and yea, the puma store in seattle premium outlets have nice deals.
  15. s3nsational

    s3nsational Full Member

    Omg, too bad I don't live in Toronto=(
    or else i would've spent a wholeeee lotta money at the puma warehouse sale =((
  16. shopaholic_goddess

    shopaholic_goddess Full Member

    haha well you should be glad you werent in toronto...they had line ups that were really long early in the morning before it opened. the first day was for vip members and you would get a free parking spot. if you werent a vip, you would need to pay 5 or 10 dollars (i 4got) to get in. the sale was supposed to last for 4 days, but on the 4th day they had a big sign saying "OUT OF STOCK.SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!" it was a mess inside too, but there were pretty stuff! :sideways:
  17. s3nsational

    s3nsational Full Member

    lol really??

    haha oh well >.<
  18. maryshrimp

    maryshrimp Full Member

    i say it's better to just go to FootLocker or I think Champs? down at the states for cheap Puma shoes. I believe it's 2 for $90US. the Puma shoes at the premium outlets are so weird. well the colours are hte weirdest ever anyways. if you're looking for a normal colour (like black, white, beige) your best bet is the states FootLocker/Champs =)
  19. s3nsational

    s3nsational Full Member

    I bought a pair of puma shoes at seattle premium oulet for 40 bucks with an additional 20% off.
    They were nice. white + light green :D:D
  20. pandalover

    pandalover Ultimate Deal Queen

    That's awesome! Your soo lucky:p

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