Queensborourgh landing Factory Outlets

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  1. mr.x

    mr.x Full Member

    Not tired at all from boxing day shopping?

    Most of you may be unaware of this but there is a fairly new complex of factory outlets in New Westminster (queensborourgh landing factory outlets).

    Even though boxing day is over, there\'s still some really good deals there! I was just there to return something at best buy and found a lot of the outlet stores were still open!

    Lasenza, Liz Claiborne, Mexx, Esprit were still open and this was at 9pm on a Tuesday. There\'s also a Tommy Hillfiger, Le Chateau and Hallmark (not sure of their hours yet).

    Check out some of the pics from my digicam :)

    Mexx 50% OFF everything!

    [img size=150]http://mallhours.com/vancouvermalls/images/queensboroughlanding/mexx.JPG[/img]

    [img size=150]http://mallhours.com/vancouvermalls/images/queensboroughlanding/mexx2.JPG[/img]

    [img size=150]http://mallhours.com/vancouvermalls/images/queensboroughlanding/mexx50.JPG[/img]


    [img size=150]http://mallhours.com/vancouvermalls/images/queensboroughlanding/aldo.JPG[/img]


    [img size=150]http://mallhours.com/vancouvermalls/images/queensboroughlanding/garage.JPG[/img]

    La Senza

    [img size=150]http://mallhours.com/vancouvermalls/images/queensboroughlanding/lasenza.JPG[/img]

    [img size=150]http://mallhours.com/vancouvermalls/images/queensboroughlanding/lasenza1.JPG[/img]


    [img size=150]http://mallhours.com/vancouvermalls/images/queensboroughlanding/guess.JPG[/img]


    [img size=150]http://mallhours.com/vancouvermalls/images/queensboroughlanding/esprit.JPG[/img]

    Le Chateau

    [img size=150]http://mallhours.com/vancouvermalls/images/queensboroughlanding/lechateau.JPG[/img]

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  2. canido

    canido Full Member

    Hey Rye...

    iheard there was another outlet in Vancouver...do you know where it is, and what there is?
    thxn thnx!

    Ooh yeah..the New Westminister outlet ain\'t bad, the discounts are great and there are acutally quite a lot of choices. =)
  3. Babyblues

    Babyblues Full Member

    Ya the Guess Store has some good sales at that one. The Mexx is also good, but i sometimes find the Mexx outlet in Langley has a bit of a bigger selection.
    Canido: i didn\'t know there was another outlet in Vancouver, Rye do you know where it is??
  4. mr.x

    mr.x Full Member

    i\'m pretty sure there isn\'t another factory outlet in vancouver like this one...

    there are quite a few factory outlets/warehouses, but they are scattered across the lower mainland... here\'s a few more.

    Roots Factory Outlet

    3695 Grandview Hwy

    Danier Leather

    3003 Grandview Hwy
  5. lomaggie

    lomaggie Full Member

    hi ryeguy,

    can you tell me the address of the outlet or what is the route if i come from Richmond?

  6. mk04

    mk04 Full Member

    canido: i know theres an aldo outlet near robson & granville, its on granville and u just walk north a couple of blocks from robson, its near the new adidas original store.
  7. mr.x

    mr.x Full Member


    805 boyd street, New Westminster is best buy\'s address. (the factory oulets are in the same area)

    Here\'s a map:


    If you want specific directions, I would go to mytelus.com and enter the address. I hope that helps!
  8. canido

    canido Full Member

    Hey you guys~ I think what i meant was the Langley outlet..I heard of it several times but i am not sure if it is an outlet or a mall? and if you do know, are the stuff their cheap and selectiongs good?

    and thnx for outlet locations. I go to the roots outlet at times, being there at clearances is the time to go coz everything is dirt cheap!
  9. lomaggie

    lomaggie Full Member


    thanks for you info...;)
  10. huhwut

    huhwut New Member

    canido wrote:
    there isn\'t much there tommy, winners, hallmark, mexx, penningtons, and danier leather i think pretty much everything you would find at the outlets in New West.

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  11. Babyblues

    Babyblues Full Member

    The Langley Outlet has a La Vie En Rose, which Queensborough doesn\'t, and many times they have awesome deals. I\'ve gotten pieces there that were suppose to be $80, and i got them for btwn $2.99-$6.99. But if you go now, things are probably picked over b/c of boxing day, and i know it was crazy there!! They do have some other stores there that are good too. Pretty much the same as Queensborough in a way with a different selection.
    I mostly go there for La Vie en Rose, and for Mexx (b/c i find it\'s not as picked through so there\'s more)
  12. AnimeDiva

    AnimeDiva New Member

    :lol: I love goin to the Queensborough Outlets. When ever I go I never leave empty handed.:laugh: Always have something. Plus I work near there. Probably 10-15 mins away cause I work on New Westminister Hwy. I like the Roots outlet. I bought a boomer jacket there for $70 something, cause there was also a 25% sale. Hehehe...
  13. Husna

    Husna Full Member

    Do you think this may still be on now??? If so are they close by to each other?? Please let me know I will go today!!!

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  14. michelle_xo

    michelle_xo Full Member

    hey, does anybody know when is the closing hour on saturday and sunday. I relly want to go to the outlet, but i dont have time except weakend afternoon.
    also, do they have guess purse?
  15. canido

    canido Full Member

    yes, they do have a selection of Guess purses, quite a few i\'d say.

    I think they close at 6pm on Sundays and Saturdays, but i am not too sure about it. >< Sorry.

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