REVLON LIP BUTTERS spotted at Zellers!

Discussion in 'Makeup/Skin' started by j4joanne, Dec 8, 2011.

  1. bitter5weet

    bitter5weet Member

    lougheed malls london drugs, and shoppers has them too! pretty well stocked
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  2. erinNGUYEN

    erinNGUYEN Member

    zellers at brentwood has them! they are on a high self, pretty sneak was hard for me to find considering im such a small short person :(
  3. minimushi

    minimushi Member

    Metrotown Zeller's had like 4 left? went today :p
  4. Simi

    Simi Full Member

    There's a lot at the Walmart in New West
  5. 1sw-eetxhunny

    1sw-eetxhunny Full Member

    ^do you remember how much they were at walmart? thanks!
  6. pinkcoke

    pinkcoke Full Member

    im gonna check the out as well! any good colours to recommend? preferable not too dark
  7. Simi

    Simi Full Member

    They were 3.99 I believe
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  8. Penguin

    Penguin Full Member

    Shoppers inside RC has them! They're pretty much sold out of the nice colors though.. They're hidden near the Quo brushes, right in front of the store windows! They also hav the new Colorstay nail polishes, which are $9.99 or something...
  9. j4joanne

    j4joanne Full Member

    If you're into the true pink type, try Cotton Candy
    If you like a more princess-y pink, try Strawberry Shortcake
    If you like peachy pinks, go for Peach Parfait
    And if you want the lightest colour but still a healthy sheen, go for Creme Brulee (light brown tone) or Sugar Frosting (barely-there pink tone)
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  10. bluepenpal

    bluepenpal Full Member

    I got my heart set on Sweet Tart and Berry Smoothie, but I'll wait till the hype dies down a bit since these are part of their core collection.

    And I'll love to see swatches, if you like j4joanne
  11. lovelixir

    lovelixir Full Member

    Saw the display at Shoppers in Kingsgate Mall, they're $10.49 a pop though so I didn't get any. Lots of colours still available!
  12. j4joanne

    j4joanne Full Member

    Here you go! :)

    Single swipe, natural day light. Left: Sweet Tart, Right: Berry Smoothie
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  13. roligrant

    roligrant Full Member

    Got a few today at Shoppers! Love them :) Thanks for sharing!
  14. juicylicious

    juicylicious Full Member

    These are swatches from FrmHeadtoToe, hopefully they will be of help to some people

    Cherry Tart / Berry Smoothie / Lollipop / Tutti Frutti / Sweet Tart / Cotton Candy / Peach Parfait

    and her video where she tries on every colour:

  15. kharizee

    kharizee Full Member

    how much at Shoppers? :)
  16. pinkcoke

    pinkcoke Full Member

    there like 7.97 at walmart i brought a few today...from what was left
  17. devilgurl

    devilgurl Full Member

    I only managed to find one that i like (creamsicle) at rexall cuz they were all sold out, but the SA sold it to me for half price anyway teehee. Thanks j4joanne for the heads up!
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  18. shopdrop

    shopdrop Member

    Has anyone seen them at Walmart in New West?
  19. LaceEmbrace

    LaceEmbrace New Member

    My friend said main and 33rd rexall is sold out. You can prepurchase.
  20. j4joanne

    j4joanne Full Member

    Prepurchase? Is that like getting a raincheck so you can still get the BOGO deal?

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