REVLON LIP BUTTERS spotted at Zellers!

Discussion in 'Makeup/Skin' started by j4joanne, Dec 8, 2011.

  1. babyxxplicit

    babyxxplicit Full Member

    I tried these before and I didn't like them. They dry out my lips like crazy even with the balm provided and it goes on all blotchy
  2. LaceEmbrace

    LaceEmbrace New Member

    You are right.. But you got to know the exact colour you want to prepay
  3. jemmaphur

    jemmaphur Member

    Does anyone know if they have these at the Shoppers on Hastings and Slocan? :)
  4. neonscent

    neonscent Elite Member

    i was at shoppers outside commercial/broadway station- they had a few left, i picked one up in sugar frosting, $11.75 with tax. i saw a few at london drugs on robson (not many, didn't have the colour i wanted to try-peach parfait mainly), and i saw two of the purple ones left at recall at bentall centre. maybe i won't open mine yet because it might be cheaper + more colours at other places... has them for $8.99 + free shipping
  5. juicybrat

    juicybrat Moderator Staff Member

    i didn't see them at the walmart at the grandview highway location
  6. neonscent

    neonscent Elite Member

    haha i was gonna go there to look for it! maybe i'll go by next week, i need to drop by there anyways. up until now i forgot i have an orthodontist appointment tomorrow. i'll check tomorrow at the oakridge zellers

    on the other hand, i was interested in buying the lip butter because of this forum LOL... i hate lipsticks so i hope it's good. sort of reminds me of the ae high waisted shorts xD
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  7. piggysnout135

    piggysnout135 Full Member

    didn't even see a display at the rexall in tinseltown... or maybe i'm just that blind
  8. neonscent

    neonscent Elite Member

    didn't see one either, was there around 2pm today
  9. moomingstarz

    moomingstarz Full Member

    phew! i was going to go to rexall today! but i went to zellers instead and picked up berry smoothie! so PREEEETYYYY and it feels nice too :)
  10. devilgurl

    devilgurl Full Member

    Walmart super centre in surrey doesn't have it either. Zellers metrotown only has a few shaded left (none of the ones I like :(
  11. moomingstarz

    moomingstarz Full Member

    I saw the stand for it at walmart grandview the other day. i guess they took it down :/
  12. bluepenpal

    bluepenpal Full Member

    Surrey Central Zellars has them! The display is near the jewellery counter!
  13. neonscent

    neonscent Elite Member

    didn't see any at the oakridge zellers... meh that's okay with me. their cosmetics area looks so nasty anyways
  14. devilgurl

    devilgurl Full Member

    I ended up ordering from lol... with the $10 off code (thanks Please login or register to view links for yours LOL) it came to about $7 each plus tax... beats running around looking for the shades i want.
  15. Maclay

    Maclay Member

    Honestly, is amazing! It has free shipping in Canada :) and especially with the code, you can't go wrong! I've bought many things from there and all my orders were well packed and everything.
  16. Pinkcaviar

    Pinkcaviar Full Member

    I bought mine at Burquitlam's Shopper Drug Mart. They had a good selection when I went 2 days ago.

    Here's some pictures and a swatch of Cotton Candy.



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  17. shopdrop

    shopdrop Member

    Could you tell me what the code is? I'm hoping to purchase some tonight online!
  18. devilgurl

    devilgurl Full Member

    My code is canadacoupon10 if you'd like to use it :)
  19. shopdrop

    shopdrop Member

    Thanks! I actually found one on retailmenot but thank you for responding! I am so excited to get these! I have two from the states that my mom got me and I wanted more... EVERY display i've seen has like NONE on it. Why do they only have one of each color? Its so weird!
  20. devilgurl

    devilgurl Full Member

    ^ hehe okay np! Just so you know all the codes on retailmenot are referral codes too ^^

    Yea i went to so many places looking for them already, they have such tiny displays!

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