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    So i just went yesterday, and i have to say i was pretty disappointed with the selections.

    Below the Belt: They had some cheap pants that were of no popular brand selling for $9.99. Pink Mavis for $29.99. As for the rest of the t-shirts and jackets, they are pretty much the same price as you would see them if they were in their normal clearance/sale rack.

    B.B Blue: They had clothes set on the table, and the promation said \"buy one, and get 50% off the last ticketed price of the next item.\" I don\'t really like b.b blue so i didn\'t look at the items they have.

    Le Chateau: They had boots and shoes for $39.99 and $29.99. I didn\'t go in to look at their clothes selection.

    Off the Wall: Is it just me or are their things getting worse and worse. Their sale items outside are mostly shank or Song. They had billabong jackets and triple 5 souls, for i think $49.99 or so.

    American Eagle: Their sale is awesome!! If you are trying to find their sweaters and couldn\'t find you size in dt, go here...they have a lot of them. I got jeans for $29.99 that use to go for $80. Lotz of things on sale. Puffy jackets for $59.99.
    For males, they have long sleeved polo and short sleeved polos for $14.99. Sweaters for $19.99. Definitely worth a look. Go inside, they have better deals and stuff inside.

    Morgan: Promotion with their items...$25/one or $100/5. They have a nice selection of these items, and they still have a lot of sizes when i went there yesterday. (first day). Staff were also really friendlly. Their jewellery are cheap too, i think it was $9.99 for bangles or something.

    Bluenotes: They basically have a buy 1 get 2 free kinda offer for their side walk sale. So its\' $15/3, mostly t-shirts and stuff. And they have jeans for $50/3.

    MK fashion: They have armani, diesel, miss skity, killah and stuff. They SAID it was 50% off everytihng but it\'s not. New arrivals are regular price. Disel shirts which are supposedly 50% are $30,w hich is ridiculous coz its\' a normal plain t-shirt that are usually $40 normal price elsewhere. THey have racks that said %70% off, but id idn\'t bother looking at them.

    Aldo: extra 50% off their boots.

    Aritizia: Their sale items are mostly not that great, nothing wow in particular. Sweaters are regular priced, but they had some 30% off. White TNA jacket on sale for $175 from $280 or something. Their sale is 30% to 70% off.

    Jacob: They had nothing outside, so i didn\'t bother going in.

    Plenty: Propaganda stuff going for cheap because they were samples, thus some stuff inside are not sewn properly. Once again, didn\'t really go in to look at other stuff.

    Guess: As always, extra 50% last ticketed price. But i found last year to be cheaper, i got jeans for $15. This year, it is extra 50% off but it still comes up to $40ish. There selections are not bad, with lotz of sizes and pants. Key chains are on sale for $7.50 after the extra 50% off. The more expensive ones are i think $12.99 after the extra 50% off.
    Guys, same thing for you. =) Blazer and dress shirts are pently.

    Latitudes: Once again, they alwyas have cheap clothes on their sidewalk sale. Diesel dress shirt for women ...$19.99. Killah and diesel skirts- $14.99 and $24.99 but they are all Large or x-L. Diesel sports tank for $14.99. A bunch of tank tops for $5.
    As for guys, they have the brand \"Blend\" which is made from turkey that are basically 90% off. A blazer type jacket was originally $125, now is $12.99. Bunch of t-shirts for $5. Diesel jeans for $40.

    Jacob Connexion: T-shirts for $10 and sweaters for $19.99. Nothing wow that i saw, or maybe i wasn\'t seeing anything. i felt that their selection was too simple this year and nothing was especially worth mentioning.

    Esprit: 70% off. THey have a bunch of shirt, that would surely be in a mess by today, for $10 or so. Nice beaded tanks for $22.50. for jeans and stuff, most are large sizes.
    as for guys, they have nice jackets on sale for $40. Dress shirts and stuff for 50% off.

    Jacob Junior: $5 t-shirts that they usually have. $20 pants and $15 skirts. They have a lot of stock, so go over and look.

    So that\'s the things i remembered, hope it helps anyone thinking of going there and seeing if it\'s worth the trip. =)
  2. pattypus

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    ... so I guess some stores had good sales and some didn\'t. Maybe I\'ll go check it out! ;) Thanks!
  3. mr.x

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    wow canido!

    i\'m amazed because you went to so many stores and remembered all the!!!!!!!! :)

    and i can\'t believe u wrote all of it out... that\'s awesome!! :laugh:
  4. canido

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    ahahha..i shop a LOT and look for good deals, that\'s why. =) They keep putting new stuff out, so i am going again tomorrow...but i am broke. ><

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