RIP...just a note to ones ive lost

Discussion in 'Apparel & Shopping' started by fro, Jan 17, 2006.

  1. fro

    fro Full Member

    hey guyz i jus wanted to say for those of u that kno bout the death of 3 rmd teens in a ditch on #7 rd in richmond...well all 3 were my friends and i went to high skool with them..especially cassandra epp..she was a good friend of mine..always happi and cheery and i spoke to her just last week...saw her not to long ago..we wud always talk but didnt get a chance to hang out much cuz we were so busy with our own lives and now i regret it so much..i miss all the times we had together and i still cant believe shes gone it doesnt seem real i feel like ima talk to her soon...luckly they all had a huge crowd of friends and we are all helping eachother cope with this..all i wanted to say is for ppl to realize dunt take things for granted and luv every moment and everyone like there is no tomorrow u never kno wuts goin to happen and im sure its guna take me a looong time to get over dis and for it to really kick in...alos be wise and DUNT speed..i never thought i wud be sayin this..but wen it actually hits hits u hard..

    RIP Casi Neil and Lisa

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    anybody if u r in the area on #7 and cambie in richmond plz as a person to person stop at the memorial and take a minute to remember them even tho u may not have known them..if we dunt remember one will remember us
  2. pattypus

    pattypus Full Member

    I am so sorry! :( I have lost friends and loved ones, too, so I know how you feel.
  3. fro

    fro Full Member

    =) aw thanxs u actually posted back..i figured no one wud bother since this site is directed to shopping and everyone on here is more into that but i just wanted to get the msg out and its good to see that ppl do realize there is more to life then shopping (not to bash this site or anything cause this is a awesome site)..but we dont take anything with us when we leave and im starting to realize all this cause trust me i too am a tanks!!
  4. xsalesjunkiex

    xsalesjunkiex Full Member

    hi fro.. i\'m really sorry to hear about what happened.. it truely is a sad thing to happen especially because your friends were so young, but i\'m sure they\'re in a better place now.

    i don\'t know what to say other than that we often only see the bad side when death occurs, and we tend to overlook the good things that can come out of this.

    for you and your friends, for example, i\'m sure it has brought all of you closer together and made everyone reading about this realize that we probably DO take a lot of things for granted... sometimes we\'re so caught up in our own lives that we sometimes neglect the ones we love and before you know it, they could be gone the next day.

    i\'m not really good with words when it comes to sensitive situations like these, but i just want you and your friends to know that as the webmaster of this shopping website, we can still take a moment to remember your friends and hope that they Rest in Peace..

    take care... and i hope the pain will be gone soon.

  5. swtdreamer16

    swtdreamer16 New Member

    I\'m very sorry for your loss. I know it must be hard to deal with so much sadness....losing one friend is hard enough...but losing three would be unimaginable. Let\'s hope that something good comes out of their deaths and that young people remember about this story and slow down so their lives would not have been wasted for nothing
  6. fro

    fro Full Member

    aw thanxs all u guys! ill be sure to let other friends and family kno of ur support and seems so mushy and strange i not to good with words myself..but its so different when u hear that its ppl U kno that have doesnt just become everyday news..but thanxs again im sure all three angels are smiling about this rite now :)
  7. jadore_dior

    jadore_dior Full Member

    I\'m sorry to hear about your friends. It must be very difficult time for you right now. I read about the accident in the newspaper and it almost brought tears to my eyes thinking about how young these people were.

    Yes you are right.. you have to live life to the fullest and love everyone and let them know that they are loved.

    May they rest in Peace
  8. canido

    canido Full Member

    I\'m sorry for your lost too. It\'s tragic when it\'s so close to home. Although I don\'t know anyone of them, i felt the horror in finding out about the tragedy. I have many friends from Cambie as i am living in Richmond too, and some of them knew your friends too. It made me realize that accidents can happen to anyone at anytime.
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