Roots Outlet going downhill

Discussion in 'Apparel & Shopping' started by canido, Feb 22, 2006.

  1. canido

    canido Full Member

    I just went to the Roots outlet recently and it was horrible. The sales weren\'t that great, clothes were everywhere and on the floor...everything looked dirty. I remember that it use to be pretty good several years back, what happened? And oh yeah, Roots use to pride itself as it is made in canada. Look at the tags now and you\'ll see \"Made in China.\"
  2. fro

    fro Full Member

    relli? not much of a roots shopper..but it does luk like not alota ppl go der anymore..use to be big back in da day..i guess cuz it was \"canadian\":unsure:
  3. shopaholic_goddess

    shopaholic_goddess Full Member

    Roots is known to be "CANADIAN!!" and the clothes are made in china?
  4. maryshrimp

    maryshrimp Full Member

    I used to love that outlet... it's sad to hear it's not doing so great.

    I bet because the Canada Olympic Committee didn't choose them for their national clothing represent, they lost all their moooola!
  5. fruitylicious

    fruitylicious Full Member

    wow really? :blink: my friend used to work there and she would keep going on and on about how nice they were..but like i said..she USED to work
  6. beckster

    beckster New Member

    REALLY? I've never been there but I always wanted to go there, now i'm kinda like. yea no thx. and is it realli made in china because that's sad
  7. pandalover

    pandalover Ultimate Deal Queen

    That's sad... I used to go to the outlet but not soo much now. It's made in china now...that sux.
  8. eecc

    eecc New Member

    Yep...Roots has totally went downhill. Like everyone's been saying, they seem to be having an identity crisis.... Made in China??

    First, they charged quite a bit for a hoodie or sweater, but that's b/c it's made in Canada. Now it's made in china and they are still rather expensive to purchase!
  9. 1234567890

    1234567890 Full Member

    yup...i used to go...for the last couple of years, i didn't go there because of bad service and messiness.
  10. freestar

    freestar Full Member

    LOL yeah!! they chose...zellers...right? LOL
  11. Ruby

    Ruby Full Member

    We'll if you think about it, it isn't their fault. Everything is getting cheaper. Bootlegger use to have good quality jeans and since Sirens and other stores starting having $10 shirts and cheap jeans other companies who had high quality stuff now uses cheap quality fabrics to make the prices cheaper or else who is going to buy? Maybe the rare occational people who can afford it, but they wouldn't make any money that way. So I don't blame them. Though I don't really like buying stuff made in China either. And plus we pay people to make clothes at a minimum wage of $8 and if so the clothes must be sold at a higher price. So they get China to make it a minimum of like $1.50 an hour approx. So it's cheaper
  12. jennifer m

    jennifer m Full Member

    Naaah, it was The Bay, I think. I see a lot of the Olympics stuff there now LOL.
  13. Katie

    Katie Full Member

    No. Its HBC, which is The Bay, Zellers and Homeoutfitters.
    And it makes sense because they are Canadian stores, and roots isn't as popular as it used to be.
    I dont see what's so funny about zellers or the bay.
    they bring in more money then roots does so it makes sense the olympics would choose them.
  14. Friendster

    Friendster Full Member

    Some brands will go downhill as time wears on. Before Benetton, ESPRIT, S. Oliver, and Big Star jeans were the hottest thing around lol. Newer & fresher brands will be introduced yearly. Brands from overseas like the UK will be introduced here too, like Bench & Golddigga. I wore Bench & Golddigga gear when no one in 604 even heard of them! Now everyone knows what they are. :pinch:
  15. bare closet

    bare closet New Member

    When it first opened I bought all kinds of stuff there. But lately I found it's just kind of junky.
  16. spongemike

    spongemike Full Member

    I dont' even go to the store in metro now... I use to go there like several yrs ago but the brnd is just not popular anymore and plus their cmothing is expeinsive.
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