Scar tissue from ear piercings?

Discussion in 'Makeup/Skin' started by gLo-baby, Mar 6, 2009.

  1. gLo-baby

    gLo-baby New Member

    Does anyone have a bump behind their ear due to the scar tissue from an infection of an ear piercing? People usually get it more frequently in their cartilage area, though mine's like almost at the cartilage area and it's kind of large and I want to get rid of it. I know that my friend said she got hers out by asking the family doctor and the doctor recommended her to some person to get it removed. However, it's cosmetic surgery and it requires money, but she says I could try to get away from it saying the person who pierced my ears did it really bad etc. and not clean. I haven't talked to the doctor yet, was wondering if anyone knew anything about this or the amount I might have to pay to get rid of it...
  2. xbabysoul

    xbabysoul Full Member

    i have a bump behind my ears for my 2nd holes and its not even near my cartilage >< the front of the hole is closed but the back still has this bump :(
  3. Cinnamonroll.Debe

    Cinnamonroll.Debe Full Member

    How long have you had that piercing?
    The most effective way to get rid of bumps is to do hot sea salt soaks, the salt draws out the moisture from the bump, drying it out and it also has anti-bacterial properties.
    If your piercing is still in the healing stages, improper jewelry type, getting the piercing caught in your hair/clothes and accidentally bumping it will cause those bumps to form. But just give it some time, unless it is a keloid scar, there is no need for cosmetic surgery. Just do the sea salt soaks everyday.
  4. BCSparkyGirl

    BCSparkyGirl Full Member

    and for god's sake, NEVER EVER get pierced with a gun.
  5. Missy85

    Missy85 Full Member

    I still have a bump behind each of my cartilage piercings, but i think they've gotten smaller over time. I had a big keloid at the front of my cartilage and had surgery to get it removed just because the keloid can get bigger since it's a growing scar. Talk to your doctor about it. I was young when I had it removed before i turned 18 so I don't remember having to pay anything.

    Always get pierced by reputable ppl and by needle, not gun. I've heard Emu oil can help reduce the size, but never tried it myself.
  6. gLo-baby

    gLo-baby New Member

    did the surgery hurt?? how was the procedure?

    i've had my bump for awhile soo... yeah and i think it's slowly growing bigger and i'm afraid so just wanted to find out some more info before i go ahead with it
  7. Missy85

    Missy85 Full Member

    They stuck a freezing needle in my ear and used a scalpel and sliced it right off and put like a skin like bandaid on my ear and then the skin just takes time to grow back. it wasn't very painful, just the needle part since the needle was thick and long and your ear is only so
  8. Moldie

    Moldie Elite Member

    I have my cartilage pierced and I use to have a huge hard bump in the back too. I would always try to squeeze or push down on it really hard to get rid of it. Unfortunately that didn't work.

    What worked for me was chaing my ring. Over a short period of time the bump disappeared and not I have nothing at all. LITERALLY!

    So maybe you can try out different earrings. I don't think the earring is real, but they are for sensitive ears.
  9. BlusH*

    BlusH* Elite Member

    if it's a keloid that you want it to be removed, if your doctor says that the growing keloid is causing a increase pressure in your ear lobe, they can suggest a dermatologist to get it removed for it. and it should be free if you have a Care Card, and it's your family doctor that refered you to the dermatologist.
    if you want to get it removed for cosmetic reason then you need to pay for it, how much would it cost, i'm not too sure.
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