sephora @ metrotown xD

Discussion in 'Sephora' started by miss_a.dub, Apr 11, 2009.

  1. miss_a.dub

    miss_a.dub Full Member

    Sephora will be opening at metrotown right beside HMV across from champs by the bay. They took over langley market lol....taking over canada
  2. -stuff

    -stuff Full Member

    Wow, Metrotown is gonna be even more busier than it already is! With all the new stores and crap. LOL
  3. justh3r

    justh3r Full Member

    espcially when forever 21 opens
    :) can't wait
  4. ShootingStarz``

    ShootingStarz`` Full Member

    one at PC and Metro? =/

    They just keep on changing stores in Metro and PC, don't they.
  5. miss_a.dub

    miss_a.dub Full Member

    hella busy lol. sephora looks double or triple the size of the PC location
  6. pinkygirl

    pinkygirl Full Member

    one opening at coquitlam centre too!
  7. emcee

    emcee Full Member

    I saw this the other day!! It looks a lot bigger than the one in PC...exciting!

    Plus, I almost never go to that side of Metrotown (like where Aeropostale is, haha) so this will probably make me head in that general direction more often.
  8. pinkrose398

    pinkrose398 Full Member

    does anyone know approx when they will open? I'm super excited for this!
  9. immadinosaur

    immadinosaur Full Member

    wow. that's good to hear. I've always loved sephora.. and it was one of the main shops I wanted to open in Vancouver!
  10. ice-lolly

    ice-lolly Full Member

    I heard that the one in Downtown and PoCo open in July and the one in Metro will open in October.
  11. kelly.canucks

    kelly.canucks New Member

    when is it opening?
  12. ShootingStarz``

    ShootingStarz`` Full Member

    refer to what ice-lolly said just above your post.
  13. aaronem

    aaronem Full Member

    I like Sephora. But how high are the prices going to be jacked up lol?
  14. sabbiee

    sabbiee Full Member

    they charge the same as their canadian website... a little bit more expensive than US prices but with the exchange rate these days its pretty equal
  15. xneener

    xneener Moderator Staff Member

    I thought on sephora's website they charge like a 1:1 exchange rate...?
  16. strawbErry

    strawbErry Full Member

    Im going to get everything there! MAUAHAHA :devil:
  17. aaronem

    aaronem Full Member

    I wonder how high the prices will be jacked up though?

    Or if they'll even have any neat US based items that they don't sell in Canada?
  18. missieflower

    missieflower Full Member

    Wondering if anyone is potentially working at Sephora? I wonder if anyone here has tried to apply for a job at Sephora?
  19. pL.

    pL. Member

    but im really concerned about the US/CAD price differences they'll have. -___-
  20. crayola actually

    crayola actually Full Member

    The prices are not going to be jacket up, they will be the same Canadian price listed on the website, which is a little bit more expensive but not by much.

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