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  1. Simplysweet3079

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    Hey Everyone!

    I\'ll be visiting Vancouver from the Cayman Islands for the first time next week. I am planning to bo a bit of shopping, however I want to get some good deals while I am at it. Do you have any pointers?

    I\'d appreciate getting the names etc. of some female apparel stores.

    Hope to hear from you.
  2. canido

    canido Full Member

    I suggest going to Robson, they have a lot of high-end stores like Lacoste and LV ...walking distance from robson.

    in robson, they have American Eagle, Zione (popular brand name store with D&G, diesel, miss sixty), Aritizia (popular youngerster store with many brand names too), Guess, FCUK, Mexx...well a lot of popular brands. if you are interested in Yoga, go to lululemon (spelling ?). And yes, they have good hot dog vendors.

    near there (also on robson street) is Pacific Center, an indoor mall with Holt Renfrew, a high end deparmentish store with brand names like LV, gucci, dior,and such.). They have lower end stores like Suzy Cher and Fairweather too.

    Another big popular mall is Metrotown (in burnaby). It is gigantic but there are repeats of stores. They have stores like plenty, latitute and vivero. Also there is Winners there (brand names for less).
  3. pattypus

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    I\'d also recommemed Robson street.

    Here\'s the link to the website:

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  4. pandalover

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    I highly recommend:
    1) Robson (too)

    2) Pacific Center-

    3) Metrotown- Please login or register to view links

    4) Richmond Center- Please login or register to view links

    5) Oakridge Mall-
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    Hope that helps :) Hope you enjoy Vancouver :p

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