Starbux Blackberry Green Tea Frappe

Discussion in 'Food & Restaurants' started by sweettooshie, Apr 14, 2006.

  1. sweettooshie

    sweettooshie Full Member

    oh gosh you guys.. i\'m addicted to this thing. i\'ve been having at least one a day.. that\'s not good for my wallet.. gahhhh! but try it. it\'s yummy XD! hahah
  2. canido

    canido Full Member

    I don\'t like the green tea that they have, they mix it with this syrup..which is weird.

    but it still milky? i should try it out, maybe i\'ll like the new twist~

    Ooh and their Rasberry Lemon Loaf, it\'s out again. weeee..try it!
  3. April

    April Full Member

    Yeah, they mix it with a melon syrup of some sort...makes it way too sweet! :unsure:
  4. Friendster

    Friendster Full Member

    My favorite is the Peppermint Mocha
  5. Babyblues

    Babyblues Full Member

    no, the Tazo Chai Frappuccino is awesome!!! you realize how much syrup goes into all of this stuff??? you don\'t wanna know! (i worked there before) lol
  6. Rachel

    Rachel Full Member

    Oh the syrup is goooood... haha. I definitely don\'t want to know how much is used since my ultimate favourite drink is my raspberry mocha frap!
  7. Fo Shizzle Ma Nizzle

    Fo Shizzle Ma Nizzle Full Member

    tonite i had this kickass hot choclate called Choclate Mint. My buddy got it at safeway. like $6 for a pkg of 5. u mix in hot water and it tastes just like starbux peppermint mocha man
  8. vivelle90

    vivelle90 Full Member

    i tried the blackberry green tea thing yesterday, it was possible the weirdest i have every tasted, i wouldn\'t recommend it but its just one of those things that you either love or hate :) so thats just my opinion, my favorite will have been \"TALL MOCHA EXTRA WHIP\":p its amazing.....
  9. sweettooshie

    sweettooshie Full Member

    hahaha yeaaa okay.. it\'s an acquired taste for sure.. but omg still addicted...

    any LondonFog fans out there? addicted to that too HAHA
  10. 604Jase

    604Jase Full Member

    Isn\'t London Fog a brand of men\'s clothing? :blink:
  11. sweettooshie

    sweettooshie Full Member

    nope. a london fog is earlgreytea w/ steamed milk and a shot of vanilla.. sooo yummy! but the starbux technical term is tea misto or sth.. but if you say london fog. they know what u\'re talking about.. haha i just had one!
  12. canido

    canido Full Member

    I tried it today..and i couldn\'t decide whether i like it or not. >< I am sitll in the process of deciding, the taste is a bit too subtle and not enough green tea, but it tastes good in a weird way~ 0.o
  13. Friendster

    Friendster Full Member

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  14. Friendster

    Friendster Full Member


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  15. taremi

    taremi Full Member

    i heard from my friend that they really do add this melon syrup to green tea fraps!
    in my opinion... that\'s just wrong.
    we never put such in green tea anythings in japan...
    my friend said that you can opt to skip that melon syrup when you get your drink made.
    i haven\'t tried it yet, but peeps who thought it tasted wierd... maybe try that?
  16. Friendster

    Friendster Full Member


    By DCB

    During my years frequenting Starbucks, I’ve observed ways to beat the system and get free drinks. This is dedicated to your poor schmos who cant afford an affordable luxury. I pay for my drinks but have “accidentally” stumbled on these field-tested rules.

    Rule number 1: Go the busiest store near you to capitalize on worker confusion.

    The key is to find a *$ that is busy, where confusion makes it easy to get away with things. If you go to an empty store where the person who rings you up is the same person who makes your drink, you aren’t getting away with anything.

    Rule number 2: Make it seem like your order was incorrect.

    If a barista screws up your order, they correct it and give you a coupon for a free drink the next time you come. Technically this isn’t completely free since you have to make that first purchase, but you can keep the chain alive and get free drinks forever.

    Example: “Yeah, um, this is a caramel latte but I actually ordered a vanilla latte.” Of course you really did order a caramel latte but the person who took your order is busy (you’re at a busy *$ remember?) and forgot what you really ordered.

    Rule number 3: Purchase something small and then act like a patient, confused customer waiting for his coffee beverage.

    A bolder extension of rule number two is the real/fake purchase scam. You first need to order a baked good from the cash register person. After she gives it to you in a bag, mill around for about five minutes and then go to the barista and say, “Have you made a grande white mocha?” Look confused but gentle, like a puppy dog. They will look at their cups and see it was missing, and then promptly add yours to the queue.

    Rule number 4: Wait by the bar like a snake and grab a drink that has been sitting there for more than 3 minutes.

    At busy stores the inefficiencies in the system cause a lot of duplicate drinks to be made. The drinks sit on the bar for a while until the barista’s throw them away. All you gotta do is go up there and grab a drink. This scam has a couple downsides: the drinks will probably be lukewarm by the time you get it and like a person shopping for a home in a hot real estate market, you will never get your first choice. Most of the drinks are lattes with some wussy modification like a splash of soy milk.

    Rule number 5: Greet barista’s by their name.

    If you are a regular at a specific store, simply ask for the first names of the people that work there and introduce yourself. They will promptly forget your name but it doesn’t matter, for each time you go there and greet them by name you create a friendly vibe that encourages them to hook you up. It’s acceptable to be a little funny. To milk your connection indefinitely, it may be a good idea to tip them every now and then so they don’t think you are cheap. Little do they know that you are just broke because you have no skills that companies would pay for.

    There are holes in every system and if you patient enough its easy to pick them apart with simple observation. I conclude with a disclaimer: don’t blame me if your stupid ass gets caught.
  17. vivelle90

    vivelle90 Full Member

    that is terrible, i cant believe you wrote that:(
  18. mk04

    mk04 Full Member

    haha vivelle90 its written \"By DCB\" but yea i think its funny if you are SOOOOOOOOO desperate for a free starbucks drink, its a bit extreme for me lol & doesnt really seem worth the effort and lying tho...
  19. Friendster

    Friendster Full Member

    vivelle90 wrote:
    Take it easy vivelle90. I didn\'t write this. I cut and paste it from a website. Sheesh.

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