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    hey currently in university and so far ive been able to pay tuition fine but im thinking i should apply for student loans soon instead of getting my parents in too much debt lol.

    basically i dont know at all how the loans work and im just confused about the whole interest thing, do you pay interest at all in the end (i heard u dont have to...) or interest kicks in after a year of the loan?? also supposedy when u get a loan you dont have to pay half of the money at all. aand do student loans work yearly or is it a loan for the total of all of ur education??

    i tried some research on my own on the internet but nothing really good came up that explains well, especially the canadian gov\'t website!!
    so yea, any help/ tips would be very much appreciated!!
    thanks in advance:)
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    Just go here Please login or register to view links

    and no you dont have to pay interest as long as you remain a full-time student (3 courses and more), and they\'ll send you a letter every semester asking you on whether or not if you want to continue your full-time studies. And if you\'re not returning to school,then that\'s when you have to start paying your loan, and then that\'s when there will be an interest, they\'ll tell you on the letter how much your interest will be if you dont continue your full-time studies.

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    hey civic_gurl18... i checked out the website u gave and its much better than stuff i found!!! i found alll the answers to my questions, thanks a bunch for the help!!!:laugh: :laugh:

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