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Discussion in 'Schools' started by 1234567890, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. 1234567890

    1234567890 Full Member

    so i'm assuming there's some people that are in grade 11 and have provincials on the 19th..

    just a curious thought:
    how are you studying for your essays? and what essay topics did your teachers give you to practice?

    Thanks guys!
  2. Cinnamonroll.Debe

    Cinnamonroll.Debe Full Member

    one of the most reoccuring topis is about Canada's autonomy~
    just throw in everything you can remember about Canada establishing its own independence from UK and etc~

    I took the SS11 prov 2 years ago and I found it pretty easy, SS is one of those subjects that you tend to remember even the most minor details in~
    Look over your worksheets when you can cause they're pretty much everything important from your textbook compressed into point form~
  3. JimJamJum

    JimJamJum Full Member

    im not

    im in french immersion so im getting it in french ad its such bull, we do practice essays and i never passed any of them, damn teacher, there may be a multiple choice section and i usually do well on that though, its really hard to study socials cuz the exam will be a random topic, so im not gonna study
  4. junechooo

    junechooo Full Member

    When I took socials 11, I just did a lot of the previous social provincial websites.. just search it up on google and it will pop up. The essays are usually focused on Canada and it's independance much more than WWI, WWII, roaring 20s, 30s. Mostly things with US and so on.

    VITALITY Full Member

    I'm gonna just power through my textbook and review all the notes that my teacher gave us in class... Classes ended yesterday but I still have an essay to write, due on Friday.

    For the provincial, my teacher said there's a high probability that there'll be an essay question on government... The essay I have to write now is on the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and how they affect Canadians (daily life.) Fuuuuun.
  6. thischiq

    thischiq Full Member

    they always do 1 history one and 1 of the ...... nonhistory ones (as in the environment etc)
    chances are, history one has to do with one of the wars
    prov. in end of jan (the one i did) topic was ......
    how did people at home help contribute to the war effort (i dont remember which war)
    i dont remember the other one
  7. CANDY

    CANDY Moderator Staff Member

    don't need to study about WWI and know the political spectrum.
  8. ko.

    ko. Full Member

    i'm actually so screwed for this provincial D:
    i really realllyyyyy hope the essay's not going to be on gov't
    but from what i heard from my teacher, the topics are usually one historical and one human geography
  9. ShootingStarz``

    ShootingStarz`` Full Member

    i did major cramming to pass my online course and i have a C+ now.. now to cram the crap for the provincial. and i have my math provincial that day too

    but yeah.. really high possibility that one essay is historical and one is human geography, almost all the time it is.
  10. xxSkyBlue

    xxSkyBlue Full Member

    I took the Socials 11 provincials last summer and it wasn't too bad. Everything was pretty general and they didn't focus too much on details. However, when it gets to the essay, be more detailed and put a bit of your own voice into it. I was lucky, for my provincial, we got one of the easiest, no-brainer questions "How does urbanization effect the environment?", or something like that, just hope you get one of those ones! XD. A lot of the essay topics tend to deal with Canadian identity as well, so make sure you know Canada's roles in different international affairs.
  11. OverlyExpressed

    OverlyExpressed Full Member

    I have it this year, urgh.
    My teacher said to make the essay clear and concise... He said that the major topics might have to do with the recession, global warming, WWI and Canada's role, or something to do with Canada's role, like with immigrants or with Britain.
    Oh, I'm so screwed, don't remember anything from WWI or WWII. Sigh.

    VITALITY Full Member

    if there's a question on WWI, it's prob gonna be about Vimy :S
  13. ShootingStarz``

    ShootingStarz`` Full Member

    WWI? REALLY? well it makes sense that if it's Canada's involvement in WWI it'll be Vimy
    i know it better than WWII.. even though i don't totally know WWI.
    mm.. never again taking a course online ><"
  14. OverlyExpressed

    OverlyExpressed Full Member

    Oh, cause I was looking at possible examinable questions and a question from a few years ago was what was the impact of WWI on Canada's homefront so.. urgh..

    And they might ask about Ypres (first use of poison gas by Germans) or like the Triple Entente or Alliance so there's some stuff about WWI you need to know :((
  15. ShootingStarz``

    ShootingStarz`` Full Member

    .. do they ever ask about WWII? like how often..
    because really i don't know too much about that war, i know more about Cold War and WWI than WWII.
    I was going to go to my school's SS tutorial on the wars but i'm going to be busy that day... so i can't go. boo
  16. CANDY

    CANDY Moderator Staff Member

    when I took it, there was about 4 questions about WWII. there was nothing about WWI. this was about 3 years ago. but there was a few questions on WWII and nothing on WWI even the years before and after me.
  17. DreamStory

    DreamStory Full Member

    I never liked SS... teacher didn't tell us anything.
  18. ninjasamurai

    ninjasamurai Full Member

    ^ HAHA us too :)
    but.. right now? I'm just reading the textbook and hoping to do a good job winging it
    I heard most of the prov is luck because they ask such random questions that are impossible to study for
  19. xxSkyBlue

    xxSkyBlue Full Member

    Yeah, they do ask a lot of random questions, there were some stuff my teacher didn't cover, but luckily, I got a hold of "The Key" for Socials 11, and I read over some of the extra stuff and it saved my behind!
  20. ShootingStarz``

    ShootingStarz`` Full Member

    I have that book for math12! hahah.
    studying with it right now...

    but honestly, i'll probably just read over history stuff in a bit after i feel satisfied with math and that's all the studying i'm going to do now.

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