1. Do u prefer to \"Eat Fresh\" or ....
    are u more [ screw eating fresh ] \"Toasted Tastes Better\"

    subway is all about low fat subs --> slowly transitioning to toasted and different variety of subs..

    quiznos didn\'t care about low fat --> went straite for the philly cheese steaks and melted provolonge and those kinda subs..

    this is the battle of the century lets hear wat the ppl of mallhours.com have to say :woohoo::whistle:
  2. canido

    canido Full Member

    i like quiznos better..but i LOVE, no seriously i LOVE the seafood sensation that Subway has to offer. It\'s the only good thing in their menu.

    Quiznos, their food taste better because of all the fat that they are \"whatever\" about. The meat is juicy and tender, sauce is unbelivably good.

    but nowadays, Subway does have some of their stuff toasted...copying quiznos. lolz
  3. x_heartz

    x_heartz Full Member

    i LOVEEEEEE quiznos~

    but, i never tried subway before, so i cant compare, but in general, i rather have toasted subs than fresh. im just not the girl who like fresh subs~ i like it nice and warmm =)
  4. Friendster

    Friendster Full Member

    I\'ve eaten Subway 3 times in my life and haven\'t been been to Quizno before. I\'m not into submarines as you can see lol. Although I do like Vietnamese subs :)
  5. xsalesjunkiex

    xsalesjunkiex Full Member

    haha ..it\'s ok fo shizzle cause bk151 was not directing that at anyone B)

    but bk151, this does not mean that i encourage the use of profanities.. but the way you used the f-word was pretty funny ;)

    Post edited by: ryan, at: 2006/04/19 02:28
  6. Fo Shizzle Ma Nizzle

    Fo Shizzle Ma Nizzle Full Member

    Your so fuckin right. lol. :p
  7. Adri

    Adri Full Member

    I used to work at quiznos, and the food isn\'t as fatty as everyone thinks. I don\'t know how it is anymore, but all the veggies were sliced fresh daily, as were the meats and cheeses. And the steak, is actual steak. Basically, everything was fresh except the bread, that\'s the only thing subway does better.

    Course, that was over a year ago, could\'ve changed by now.

    Also, don\'t go to a quiznos with a certificate lower than gold. Platinum is the best, gold, mmmmeh, it\'s doable, but nooooooo lower.
  8. taremi

    taremi Full Member

    i\'m a subway fan!
    quiznos is too expensive!!!
    i love subway\'s $2.99 subs hehe
  9. sesamerolls

    sesamerolls Full Member

    There used to be a quizno on Broadway and Granville, but I guess with Subway around the corner, it shut down abt a year ago.
  10. CarolineClap

    CarolineClap Full Member

    how do you find out which certificate a Quiznos has? Is it posted in the window?
  11. fruitylicious

    fruitylicious Full Member

    subway for sure
  12. tinaaa

    tinaaa Full Member

    i love both!
  13. cindiee

    cindiee Full Member

    i lovveee subway it seems more healthier Xd pluss quiznos is too expensive for me i cant afford it hAHAAHa
  14. anonymouslee

    anonymouslee Full Member

    I've always been eating Subway and their subs are deeelicious ..but I had my first quiznos a couple days ago and boy are they sOOoO much better! Although subway is goood...quiznos is a bit better..but the prices are so high :sad:
  15. tiger16

    tiger16 New Member

    quiznos costs more but is the shiet.

    it's way tastier than subway.
  16. homechips

    homechips New Member

    mmm i love subway too
  17. ceeeee01

    ceeeee01 Full Member

    subway all the way!! haha.. i like the fact i get to pick what is in my bread than telling the quizno guy to, skip the cheese and such and such
  18. xneener

    xneener Moderator Staff Member

    when it comes down to the subs i perfer subway, but when it comes down to customer service between the two near my work place.. irather go to quiznoes. I stopped going to Subway because the last time i went some guy was hassling me to pay for my subs when i didn't even finnish ordering yet. :angry:
  19. shoppingqueen

    shoppingqueen Full Member

    i love subway more too.its not as fat and expensive. ^^

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