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Discussion in 'Food & Restaurants' started by Babyblues, Apr 14, 2006.

  1. Babyblues

    Babyblues Full Member

    Ok, here\'s a rant that i have..........

    went to superstore after a friend told me they were clearing out some of their furniture, and we needed to get some stuff.

    So i went to the one on lougheed highway near IKEA, and they had these 2 leather chairs that i needed....but i was only in my mazda 3, so there was no way to put two big leather chairs in the back seat, lol.

    I went to customer service, and asked if there was any possible way that they could put 2 of the chairs on hold, that i would pay for it, and come back first thing in the morning to pick them up with a pick-up was already 9:30pm at night, so there was no way i\'d get home to the bcit area and then back out in time with the truck.

    The girls there were like: \"nope, sorry\" i said that i was going to pay for it but that i can\'t take it b/c i have a small car. They\'re like: \"no, can\'t you take it with you?\"

    Ok, sorry but how many people go to superstore with hugh trucks??? most have family vehicles..... And it\'s not like i was asking them to hold the items unpaid and for a was 1/2 an hour until they closed, and i\'d be back in the morning

    The one girl called her manager, and she\'s like, \"no he said that he has no room to store anything, and that it could get lost\" ummm ok...... So we left.

    THEN my father went there the next day, and all the chairs were GONE!!! He went to cusotmer service, and the girl there was super nice to him (probably b/c he was a guy) and said that she\'d call around for him and found them at metro, and metro agreed to hold them for a few hours (guess they wouldn\'t get lost there! :evil: )

    Then my gf went to the one in Guildford and asked if they had any more of another style chair, and the girls at customer service were like: \"nope we\'re sold out\"

    She asked if it was possible they were anywhere else, and they were like: \"nope sorry\" in a very snotty way.

    So she asked if it was possible if they could call the pentiction store and see, since she was going there this weekend and could pick it up. The girls there were like: \"ohh we don\'t have the number for there\" What!! what do you mean? you\'re a multi million $$ company and you don\'t have other stores numbers? i\'m sorry blockbuster video (where i\'ve worked) has a list of numbers of every store across canada!!

    Then then girls were like: \"ohh and it\'s long distance and we\'re not allowed to call long distance. You can call if you want yourself and ask, but we can\'t\" My gf and her husband were dumbfounded, and the girls at customer service were smiling and laughing at them........

    I\'m sorry, you\'re at a multi-million $$ company and you work at customer service, and you\'r a b**ch???
  2. mk04

    mk04 Full Member

    thats so crappy babyblues!!! do they realize they\'re LOSING customers and sales???

    but yea my mom goes grocery shopping there a lot cuz its convenient. but she gets ripped off a lot especially at the till when they charge the same thing twice. and customer service is always rude too... sooo stuck up!!
    one time my mom tried to return a huuuge thing of chocolate (unopened packaged bar) the day after she bought it b/c my sister no longer needed it for a recipe. and the lady was so rude to my mom and telling her how any food returned goes to waste for the store and they lose all that blah blah blah. and she was so pissy, threw the chocolate right in the garbage infront of my mom. my mom just said i don\'t care, do whatever u want, we didn\'t even open it so i could care less.
    anyway thats my 2 cents lol, sorry for ur ordeal tho!!! hopefully u will find BETTER chairs at a BETTER store!!
  3. hmm superstore has always been good to me .. i know like more than 50% of the staff that work there.. (most of my friends) lol i hope it wasn\'t one of them that pissed u off.

    [ u shoulda asked to see the manager .. the managers are more reasonable + treat the customers better ]

    wat did the person look like @ lougheed highway location ?? :O(just curious)

    but yeah i totally agree that was completely unreasonable of them ..
  4. Sales! Sales! Sales!

    Sales! Sales! Sales! Full Member

    Sorry to hear about your bad experience @ Superstore :( You\'re right though. There\'s no reason why they can\'t hold the 2 items for you until the next day. Especially if you are willing to pay in full for them. I guess no one wants to take responsibility for the furniture in case it gets misplaced or sold to another customer by accident. But the supervisor should OK the transaction. I wouldn\'t be happy either if I were you. I\'ve seen the furniture you\'re talking about. It\'s actually PVC leather (man-made leather). It\'s not genuine leather so over time the material will crack especially if exposed to sun and heat since it\'s a form of plastic material. Go to Ikea to see if they have similar items which I\'m sure they do.:)
  5. Babyblues

    Babyblues Full Member

    see it\'s not that it was b/c it was fake leather.....the price for the chair was $129.00 so it\'s worth it, and definitely cheaper than even ikea\'s fake stuff......if anyone is interested though they still have some stuff at the metro location....i went there instead and they were nice
  6. sonia7

    sonia7 Full Member

    Babyblues i feel your pain What jerks, my friend cant stand that store either, she calls is STUPID STORE quite catchy eh?;)
    did u end up gettin the ones @ metro?
  7. Babyblues

    Babyblues Full Member

    i did get the ones at metrotown, and they gave us good service, and it was much much busier the day that i\'s only b/c we needed something that was \"leather\" looking and cheap....$125 is cheap so we didn\'t even bat and eye, considering that IKEA is more money for theirs
  8. LuxeLife

    LuxeLife Full Member

    babyblue the chairs you bought at Superstore are fake leather. The ones in Ikea are genuine leather. That\'s why the prices are higher at Ikea. London Drug\'s is now selling genuine leather chairs and bench for a great low price which look like the ones you want. Here>> Please login or register to view links
  9. helen

    helen Full Member

    I have nothing negative to say about superstore. I think its a good store, its bright and clean ( 95% of the times). The products/ goods at Superstore are low in cost. Whenever I buy something from superstore I know I'm getting a good deal.

    when I go shopping I pay attention to few things


    2. The speed of the service ( will I get the item I want on time? or how long do I have to wait the get the product/ item I want?)

    3. The price

    4. Costumer service

    Its usually in this order when I'm shopping (but not always). So, yah I would choose price over customer service, and this really depends on how much I'm saving.:whistling:
  10. VyNguyen

    VyNguyen Full Member

    ouch, never had that at superstore, but i had pretty bad services from some other places. the superstore i go to is by renfrew, i get pretty good service, but maybe because some of my friends work there. did you end up getting ANy chairs?
  11. supatsa

    supatsa Full Member

    its so bad to hear that superstore has bad customer service. i swewar you could place the item on hold. they just lazy and didn't want to do anything. bleh at least your got what you wanted for in the end thats all that matters. :p
  12. ceeeee01

    ceeeee01 Full Member

    ii don't like how they put no name brand stuff next to the brand name stuff... and they are packaged the same.. and i sometimes but the wrong ones...esp the pantene pro v bottles.
  13. Babyblues

    Babyblues Full Member

    In the end yes i did get what i wanted, but those two women at that location put so much un-needed stress into the whole situation.

    Recently i even had a bad situation at the metrotown location with a girl worker there that worked in the "furniture" dept. I was asking this guy working there if they had this one item that was advertised in their flyer. Before the guy could even answer, this girl, who was at the end of the asile we were in, booked it over to us and pretty much pushed her male co-worker aside and said quite rudly to me "NO! We sold out yesterday!" and gave me such an icy stare. Ummm, first of all i wasn't talking to you, and even if I was you have no right to respond to me in that fashion. The male co-worker was also dumbfounded and just stared at her with his mouth open, and then looked at me and said "sorry, ya they sold yesterday b/c the sale started the day before the flyer came out"

    I just turned around and left and said outloud, enough so she could hear. "what a complete rude bitch!" and walked out.

    The moral of the story is that I don't care how much you're getting paid per hour to work, everyone starts at the bottom and most retail positions pay minimum wage. This is not a defense to justify treating customers badly. I've worked in retail, AT minimum wage before, and I have always treated customers with respect. My moto is if the customer is treating me with respect, then I do the same.
  14. gracetan_

    gracetan_ Full Member

    Oh man thats sucks. Wonder what her problem was :wassat: But if that happened to me I would've probably did the same thing :wink:
  15. aaronem

    aaronem Full Member

    I've ALWAYS hated Superstore!
  16. cherri82crystal

    cherri82crystal Full Member sorry to hear about your problems :(
    those girls sound so stuck up.
    i never really thought superstore's service was good anyways heh
  17. v13co

    v13co Full Member

    bad superstore experience yesterday!!

    i was at superstore to get a lot of their horseradish mayo/ curry mayo to take home to the philippines. they didn't have a lot left so i asked when they were expecting them to come in. they're like you just have to come back once in a while to check. i was like, can i pay for them now and come pick it up? they're like sorry we don't do that here and pushed the button to take the next customer.

    i would think that a big store like superstore would have an established ordering/ delivering system in place but no...
  18. ko0ty

    ko0ty Elite Member

    Wow I've never had any bad experiences at Superstore (yet). The staff in Richmond is usually friendly and helpful. Maybe you should file a complaint with head office?
  19. xxplicit_hun

    xxplicit_hun Full Member

    You know..superstore is NOT ALOWWED to hold things. if you read the rules and pricavy behind the flyer.. it says first come first serves. no rain checks..we won't put things on hold..etc etc.

    also, superstore is no a multi-$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. do you know how much shit gets stolen eac day?!?!?! It's not even funny.. and we ruiin so many items bc people get Milk or Seafood or bulk items..and in the end when they are paying for it..they are like "I don't want it anymore" well you knwo what..WE LOSE MONEY when ppl do that kind of shit.. because we throw those items AWAY!

    if you realy had a problem with someone at superstore..there is a comment card at customer service and you can write about the if you are that upset.. if your that pissed off, don't bother going to superstore and go to ikea or other furnature places
  20. kerlerfer

    kerlerfer Full Member

    I never had any bad experience at superstore and I shop there all the time :smile:

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