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Discussion in 'Makeup/Skin' started by Ruby, Dec 16, 2005.

  1. Ruby

    Ruby Full Member

    Has anyone heard of the Face Shop at Metrotown? Do any of you know if their products are any good? Worth buying?

    It\'s located by the old playdium which is now winners that sucks...
  2. canido

    canido Full Member

    It is the same store as the one in Richmond Center. The packaging is nice, but with closer inspection, it isn\'t that great of a product. Although it says it is from Japan, some labels have a \"produced from China\" tag or something to that extent. I don\'t think it\'s worth the money since i can get a better quality product with a few dollars more.
  3. tofumui

    tofumui New Member

    Hmm I\'m sure this line is Korean rather than Japanese. And it\'s a fairly new brand so not many people know about it yet. My friend has used it before and says it\'s not bad for a few bucks. So I guess it just depends how much you really are willing to pay for skincare products.
  4. Ruby

    Ruby Full Member

    oh... hmm.. well im sort of allergic to cheap stuff cause of some chemicals. I don\'t really like stuff made in China no offence but I find the quality not really that good. Thanks for the info though~! ^-^
  5. minami_oo

    minami_oo Full Member

    for me personally, i like how their stuff looks pretty and all, but i hate how their sales accociates just stand around and not helping the costomers at all. I don\'t know, it just bugs me. :blush:
  6. jadore_dior

    jadore_dior Full Member

    The Face Shop is from Korea. I was offered a managent position there but refused it after hearing from a Korean friend that it is a \"ok\" brand. She told me the only reason why it\'s popular is becuase they use Korean Actors and Actresses in their advertisments. i\'ve scoped out The Face Shop and i found that their sales associates were just kids that were more interested in gossiping with their co-workers then even greeting their customers...let alone try to convince me to purchase anything. I am a cosmetics junkie and i am willing to purchase but I just wasn\'t convinced by the un-professional ways of the sales girls...
  7. Ruby

    Ruby Full Member

    Ya so true, I went in there once I had to go up to 2 or 3 girls just to get some help~! They are so not professional... like come on... They think they can just stand there and do nothing and get paid. Perfect job for someone who is lazy ^-^\" but ya... its not like the store is constantly busy and theres no help from them what so ever.
  8. sugabee

    sugabee New Member

    wow so the face shop isnt that good huh? the store looks nice though.. its so clean and bright. but i hate people that dont help! especially when u need it. so how do u compare h2o products with the face shop?
  9. mz.g

    mz.g Full Member

    k i know nothing about the face shop products.

    but i use to be crazy over ~h20+
    some of there products are good, but really I don\'t think it\'s worth that much. there\'s stuff is expensive, but usually on boxing day or near it they got 50% off on gifts. well that\'s what they had last year. so stock up! hah.
    but ya basically.. overpriicccee.
  10. Ruby

    Ruby Full Member

    Is H2O good? My cousin uses it but I don\'t really talk to her much. Would you think it is better than the normal loreal and stuff they sell at super markets?
  11. mz.g

    mz.g Full Member

    ya it\'s good but not not everything is GREAT. yess definatley better than the supermarket (l\'oreal + stuff), but it\'s like triple the price and the amount is less.
    and for the gels, and scrubs and whatever. they smell nice [= and the description on the product makes it sound so good.
  12. tjeng

    tjeng Full Member

    My cousin has bought some of their products and told me that she didn\'t like them very much. (except the nail polish, which she said was OK)
    I took a close look at their cosmetics and I felt that they were quite cheap.
    And.. it is from Korea, not Japan. Japanese producs are...usually of nice quality, well at least the ones I\'ve seen are all better than those made in Korea or China.
    Although the price seemed reasonable in comparison to other shops, I would rather spend a ocuple more dollars at say The Body Shop or Red Earth and get something really nice.
  13. BabeexPhat

    BabeexPhat Full Member

    Yeah the face shop is korean
    but their stuff are really nice and the store looks nice....
    HOWEVER a lot of their stuff are expired :shock:
    that's why they had the 25% off sale i think...
    i was gonna buy this really nice face cleaning stuff and then i read the bottle and it said exp. in 2004... kinda shocked lol
    so I think you should jsut go to department stores or holt renfrew and get some nicer stuff for a bit more pricier brands:laughing:
  14. tapthatass

    tapthatass Full Member

    weird. my friend works there and she saids working there is a lot of pressure cause you have to make atleast 500$ a day in some cases. but i HATE the faceshop. the quality is horrible for me, the products suck from my perspective. but i guess its becusae of my skin, but i hate their products.

    but its weird on how you say you had to walk up to people for help, everytime i go in there, they always push me to buy something since they do work on commission.
  15. j_cloud

    j_cloud Full Member

    I have some nail polish from them, it's not bad, their colours are pretty nice and don't cost nearly as much as E-nail, even though E-nail is nice (stand at Richmond Centre) $10 for a bottle of nailpolish is insane since I always like to use new colours.
  16. cindiee

    cindiee Full Member

    dat plce looksss oakyyy. i havnt tried dere make up stuff dere be4 i use dere fake eyelashess thought n it;s alritees
  17. phatfreak

    phatfreak Full Member

    My eyes always hurt when I step into that shop lol:cool:
    But yeah, they're nail polish is ok. plus they have this sea-cucumber mask thats really awesome, it hydrates your face really good
  18. juicyfruit

    juicyfruit Full Member

    Hmm. I've only tried their eyeliner. It glides on pretty easily ... but still smudges a bit. Wouldn't say it's the best, but decent.
  19. freestar

    freestar Full Member

    I totally think the opposite! Whenever i enter that shop they won't quit following me! Also whatever i pick up an item they'll start talking about it and yadeedah blah blah. lol they won't let me put the item back...that bugs me. Personally, I'd rather be left alone. If I need help I'll ask. Maybe they work on comission or something.

    As for their products it's not bad. The lotions are pretty decent. Their makeup...nothing special..but I wouldn't say it's decent at all. I buy their nail polishes because it's pretty cheap!
  20. shoppingqueen

    shoppingqueen Full Member

    are they even allow to just sell expire items? i bought a few things there before, nail polish, mask and eyebrow pencil, i don't think the products are the best. but some ways i rather use loreal.

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