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Discussion in 'Aritzia' started by minah, Jan 19, 2005.

  1. minah

    minah Guest

    Can someone tell me what Aritzia is so popular?

    I\'m just curious to know what you all think as to why it\'s so successful here in Vancouver.

  2. barbie doll

    barbie doll Guest

    it\'s successful cause they use good materials and they wash well.

    i shop there because the clothing is comfortable. jessicas sizes are just way too small. lululemon is sort of like aritzia, with all the petite sizes etc. :p
  3. grace

    grace Guest

    In my opinion, aritizia is just overpriced and I wouldn\'t say the material is all that great. They definitely have appeal with young girls that get their parents to buy these overpriced sweat pants and tops. Also, it seems that everytime i walk in the store, i feel the sales girls give off this snobby attitude.

    Overall, i think the clothes are over priced, and the store has bad sales staff.

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  4. sandy

    sandy Guest

    I bought clothes from Aritzia before and their clothes fall apart after one washing.

    their sales girls are harsh.. *bleeps* too......such attitudes and horrible customer service...i shop there only because i can only fit XXS because i have a very petite frame. Other places like jacob are just waaay too big for me....
  5. andrea

    andrea Guest


    Stop hatin on Aritzia\'s clothin just cuz some of us look good in it doesn\'t mean it\'s bad... if i don\'t like it shop somewhere else....oh and btw there stuff is not expensive at all, like $100 for pants is a good price
  6. connie

    connie Guest


    People are entitled to their own opinions so maybe u should learn to respect what other people have to say.... how old are u anway?

    The forum is about offering different opinions on products, and also, retailers respect both positive and negative feedback.
  7. gina

    gina Guest

    i\'ve been shopping at aritzia over the years and i can\'t say that they have the best prices, but i really like their clothes!!

    .. their clothes are always a good fit for me too... i\'m only about 5\'5\", and slim, and the clothes fit me perfectly !! :laugh:
  8. lizardbreath22312

    lizardbreath22312 New Member

    I Aritzia sells a lot of brand names so that\'s what I think makes it so popular
    But the clothes there?
    TNA- it\'s a brand and it makes me almost sick when I see a little girl dressed in entirely TNA since the prices are outrageous
    when I was a kid, my parents didn\'t buy me cheap-ass clothes but they wouldn\'t blow $100+ on a pair of TNA sweatpants when they knew I was going to grow out of them in a year or so.
    My cousin who happens to be in Gr.5 tells me that there\'s a group of girls in her class that only wear Aritzia clothing and will kick you out of their little groupie if you don\'t
    I suppose this is because Aritzia makes XXS sizes
    But a huge majority of Vancouver loves Aritzia which is great because it originated from Vancouver . . . and then expanded.
    I don\'t like go to buy my clothes from Aritzia because I don\'t like the idea of walking around the streets wearing what four other girls are wearing and also my clothes get seriously very worked into.
    I get stains and rips VERY easily so it\'s not practical to buy $100 pants only to get them ripped and stained after 5 wears :S

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  9. canido

    canido Full Member

    i am not a big fan of TNA, but i don\'t think it\'s really that expensive. It\'s just a bit more on the pricier side but it\'s really comfy, according to my sister. Juicy track suits and such are much more expensive, or even triple 5 soul. It\'s only about $65ish for a TNA sweater, whilst other brand can run for about $150 depending on the brand.

    The reason i don\'t like TNA is due to the image ppls give them, it\'s like..if you wear it, you\'ll become one of the TNA crowd. Na uh~ not for me.
  10. pattypus

    pattypus Full Member

    There are some grade fours who I know that wear TNA! :blink: That\'s pretty... I dunno, early, weird?
  11. saldisaldi

    saldisaldi New Member

    I agree with the overpriced statements completely.

    I have one shirt from there - which i love - but I only bought it because it was on sale and a really good price.

    And no, I dont loveit because its brand name, I love the fit and look.

    Their prices are way too high though.

    (haha, the sale was awesome. might still be on, downtown somewhere.)

  12. taremi

    taremi Full Member

    i definitely agree that aritzia is overpriced!
    frankly, i can\'t afford it and i only buy things from artizia when they are on sale.
    i personally love the tna tank tops- they are cheap, the material is pretty sturdy and they fit very nicely!

    i don\'t like the clothing where there is a HUGE tna mark on it (like the sweatshirts and tshirts they have) because i think there is a sort of image attached to girls who wear tna.
    i has clearly become a asian trend in vancouver, i suppose because aritzia has very small sizes.

    i\'m just going to think of aritzia as a trend- its like how abercrombie is popular in the states, and gap used to be as popular.

    i personally like american eagle clothing :)
  13. jmw1

    jmw1 Full Member

    I would argue that American Eagle is more trendy. It\'s on average a more affordable brand. All the preteens shop there. Chances are if you buy a shirt there, you will see it on everyone everywhere you go. I know I bought a cute polo shirt from there and I could never wear it because everyone else had it.
    That\'s one of the only good things about aritzia. All the little preteen girls can\'t afford it unless their mom goes and buys it for them. Also, a lot of their things are more unique and different than what is out in the shopping malls, especially if you avoid tna.
    I don\'t shop at aritzia all that much but I do like the store.
  14. shopaholic_goddess

    shopaholic_goddess Full Member

    Its weird..i dont know if I washed it wrong, but right after i put the pair of TNA yoga pants inside the washing machine, bumps of dust coming out of the material appeared. :unsure:Besides of that, its a good place to shop for teens
  15. shebwe

    shebwe New Member

    Hi, i dont actually know whi aritzia is popular but i can give u a rough answer, most ppl including myself think its becuse of the comfort. and other ppl will juss buy stuff from aritzia just to say they hav it to:sideways: hope i answered ur question.
  16. j_cloud

    j_cloud Full Member

    I don't like a lot of their house brand stuff, but they have a good selection on denim.
  17. shopaholic_goddess

    shopaholic_goddess Full Member

    you shouldnt criticize anybody because you dont agree. This is a website where everybody shares their thoughts...and if you dont have the same thoughts as anybody else has, then just ignore them!:sad:
  18. ceeeee01

    ceeeee01 Full Member

    that is just so very very disturbing
  19. maryshrimp

    maryshrimp Full Member

    .... I know a grade three that owns TNA. HA I WIN!!! lol just joking. yah... extremely disturbing, but this kid's got an abnormally early great sense of style. I want to dress like her. she's that cool. HAHAHA yah im' lame. anyways...

    I was pretty pissed at Aritzia today, because it was OBVIOUS that they totally snubbed my co-worker and I when we grabbed something from the sale rack and wanted to try them on. they completely ignored us. but then we walk to the 'regular priced' items, and ta-da! some woman comes right up to us and starts yapping away "oh do you need a size? what colour? here i'll help you!! yada yada yada"

    Artizia... sometimes just makes me sick.
  20. lisalikescandy

    lisalikescandy Full Member

    aritzia is overpriced, ive worked at the warehouse and their markdowns for the warehouse sale is incredible. over 70% off, just think about how much the mark up value is. seven jeans for $40 while regular retail price is over $200??

    also quality is not very good, dye runs, buttons fall off, seams tear and nearly everything is made in china. theres a reason why the Hills Family is rich and its from profiting off of women in vancouver.

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