To PHO or not to PHO?

Discussion in 'Food & Restaurants' started by RichardWilinski, Mar 7, 2006.

  1. RichardWilinski

    RichardWilinski Full Member

    I\'ve noticed to my delight that the Lower Mainland is rampant with pho restaurants. Nothing hits the spot on a cold winter\'s day like a piping hot bowl of pho! So far the best pho I\'ve tasted would have to be at Pho Van on Fraser St. I\'m getting hungry just thinking about it. :blink:
  2. Jennalynn_5366

    Jennalynn_5366 New Member

    Yes, Pho Van is very good but it\'s hard sometimes flagging down the servers. My bf and I ate there once and everytime they looked our way, they\'d \"pretend\" to not see us or something so we\'d have to wait. But other than that, yes, the food is great!

    My dad always said, aint nothing better than a bowl of pho on a hot day cuz then u can sweat it all out and lose a few while eating :) He\'s crazy like that.:lol:
  3. tamara

    tamara Full Member

    My favorite pho restaurant is Thai Son in Richmond on No.3 Road. It\'s conveniently located right across from Richmond Centre in the same complex where the vacuum store is. Good Pho, good rice and noodle dishes...mmmmm....Weekends are pretty packed at lunchtime though!
  4. xsalesjunkiex

    xsalesjunkiex Full Member

    for my 2 cents, the best pho place in vancouver is:

    pho thai hoa (close to king ed and kingsway)

    i like this place because it\'s not so busy like other pho places... also, they seem to take more time preparing the food and seem to care more about quality than other places.

    the main thing is i\'m not dying of thirst after eating pho as most places use too much MSG.

    can anyone recommend some other places that are similar to what i just described?


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  5. taremi

    taremi Full Member

    i LOVE the pho place on main x 23rd-ish.
    i can\'t remember the name of the place, but pho thoang something... something like that.
    they have a red and yellow sign.
    they have absolutely the best pho in vancouver!
    at least i think so :p

    i always go there... my bf and i were talking about how we\'ve eaten at about 10 pho restaurants, but still think this place is the best!

    its a cozy family owned place, and the bean sprouts are fresh!
  6. xsalesjunkiex

    xsalesjunkiex Full Member


    i heard of this place before and i always keep tryin to find this place but no one could ever tell me the exact location.

    thanks taremi!!

    in fact, i think i\'ll go there tonight!

  7. eshen

    eshen Full Member

    oh i know the pho your talking about, the one on fraser!! thats the best place ever! now im craving for one..
  8. taremi

    taremi Full Member


    oh cool!
    tell me how you like the place :D
    i\'m sure you will enjoy it :D
  9. mimoo

    mimoo Full Member

    Personally, i don\'t like pho for some reason. I am asian, but dont like to eat pho. I think that those resturants are so dirty and the way most places stick a whole bunch of msg in the broth. But then again, msg isn\'t all that bad for yooh, it just gives ppl headaches.
  10. xsalesjunkiex

    xsalesjunkiex Full Member


    ok.. i went to this place.. or did i? the place i ended up going to was tiny, and it was located on main and 21st called pho thang long.. it was run by 1 vietnamese man and his wife... the pho was pretty good...i don\'t feel too thirsty after, but i can\'t really tell if they used much msg or not.

    there\'s another place which is bigger called pho hoang located on main and 16th.. it looks like there\'s a lot of seating.. was this the place u were talking about? please let me know! B)


    have you actually tried pho? don\'t knock it till you\'ve tried it!! ;) btw, they\'re not as dirty as you think ... otherwise a lot of ppl would get sick right?.. i\'ve never ever gotten sick after eating pho

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  11. taremi

    taremi Full Member


    you went to the right one!
    it is a small place... like 30 seats?
    and they only serve pho and several drinks (like vietamese coffee and lemonade) rite?
    uuu btw, the coffee and lemonade are SUPER GOOD as well
    sorry... was it 21st?
    my bf and i just sort of look for the store so we never are really sure about the address or intersection.
    i don\'t think they use any msg, or as far as i know.
    i think their soup is light, unlike some pho places where its super oily.
    the place on 16th and main, i\'ve tried as well.
    their pho wasn\'t bad, but i found it too oily.
    but that\'s just my personal opinion :D

    pho rocks!
    well it doesn\'t mean you have to like pho just because you\'re asian!
    thats a stereotype you\'ve embodied!!
    i think that that \'dirty\' restaurants are the best- they obviously don\'t have enough money to get their business up to the standards of big major restaurants, but the pho restaurants that are doing well are well off.
    you should try the pho place i suggested :)

    just as a side note- there is a, or in fact two fantastic, vietnamese sub places in chinatown i JUST LOVE.
    at both places, their subs are about $2.25!!! cheap!
    if you like pho, then you will love vietnamese subs!
    i\'d have to look up where these places are.... :(
    will write again!
  12. mimoo

    mimoo Full Member

    yah sorry about being so stereotyped there. Im not trying to like diss pho or any thing. It is good but then my mom used to work at one of them so yah, she would tell me how the food was made and stuff... I just dont no why i dont like eatting pho. Wells you are right about the vietsubs though. Im an addict to those. Yah, there is a really good place in Chinatown, but im too not sure where the actual street is.
  13. mimoo

    mimoo Full Member

    yah that place is good=) it\'s not a convenient place to park though, you\'re right. I usually get the special one=)
  14. taremi

    taremi Full Member


    oh i didn\'t mean to accuse you of being stereotyped!
    i was just trying to say that you don\'t have to be the stereotypical asian that non-asian people percieve us to be ;) (i\'m japanese myself)

    i\'ve had the vietnamese subs at BA LE on kingsway and they were good!
    there is also another BA LE on main st. in chinatown (one of the places i was talking about... i wonder if its a franchise of the one on kingsway?) and that place is good too!
    i think the address was in the 800\'s on main st.
    the meat loaf sandwich is VERY TASTY.

    the other place is on hastings, one or two blocks east of main st.
    this place is MY FAVORITE!
  15. xsalesjunkiex

    xsalesjunkiex Full Member

    hey taremi.. i can\'t remember how many seats there were, but it was pretty small and there wasn\'t a huge selection of items on the menu....

    and just an observation, i was surprised that the ppl in the restaurant were all white ppl.. normally you see at least 1 other asian person in a pho place.. does this sound like the right place?


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  16. canido

    canido Full Member

    I had Pho Van today, omg...their \"com\" (rice dishes) are sooooo very very veryyy good. like unbelivable. the meat is so tender, unlike other places where you can taste the charcoal...but it\'s grilled in a way that you can smell the smokiness but not the burnt parts. also it is cheap and they gave LOTS of meats and rice. totally worth the drive

    their pho itself, however, is okay, nothing wow though.

    we got their large pho, com and 3 beans only came to $16. not bad at all!
  17. HarajukuLover

    HarajukuLover Full Member

    Ya! their lemon grass chicken rice dish is sooOOoo YuM! I luv luv luv this dish called banh cuon. YuMmmMMmmMmmmMmmmmm!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  18. xsalesjunkiex

    xsalesjunkiex Full Member

    on sunday i went to a really great pho place.. the service was awesome and the pho soup didn\'t taste like it had msg at all! very natural tasting.. here\'s a pic of what i ate:


    unfortunately, i don\'t remember the name of the place... it\'s near kingsway and knight. :p
  19. Slash

    Slash New Member

    Where is dis Pho place on Fraser St.?
    I really like this pho place on kingsway & joyce (close to london drugs). The service sucks, but the pho rocks!
  20. eshen

    eshen Full Member

    its on fraser and 47th, called Pho Hong..

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