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    coupons are for double points platinum credits on reg priced purchase:S(for women) and $10 off any reg priced MEN\'s purchase over $100 until may 31st.
  2. Viv1985

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    Why post this town shoe thing???? It is not in Vancouver! stupid.
  3. tamara

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    If you are talking about the town shoes store there is one at metrotown and there is one at park royal. viv.

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  4. Viv1985

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    so sorry :sick:
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    while i\'m not going to moderate every post and impose too many rules on what to say, please have some respect for the members that are going out of their way to post these deals.

    tamara made no mistakes with this post, but if someone does make a mistake we don\'t need name calling of any sort... simply point out the mistake.

    tamara.. thanks for the post! i\'ve noticed a lot of posts from you and it\'s good to see!! keep it up! :p

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  6. Viv1985

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    look under

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    Viv1985 wrote:
    Didnt you see I said sorry! Geeez!

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